Testimony Needed for Illegally Dumped Tires Task Force Bill Hearing on Feb. 24

To all concerned about abandoned tires:

On Friday, Feb. 24, at 9 AM, the Senate Committee on Ways & Means (WAM) will be hearing a number of bills — including SB 3006 SD1, introduced by Senator Maile Shimabukuro. Click on the link below to get details on the bill, the hearing, and information on submitting testimony.

Since the bill has already been heard by other committees, WAM’s role on Friday will be strictly decision-making … meaning no oral testimony will be allowed at the hearing. Written comments, however, may be sent to WAMTestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov .

Please note that the bill has changed substantially from its original version. The bill is no longer about establishing a $1 fee on tire purchases — money which would go to a clean-up fund. The bill now calls for a task force; the bill’s introduction states: “The purpose of this Act is to establish a task force to study ways to prevent or control the problem of abandoned tires littering the landscape.”

Here is a link to the hearing notice:


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