Testimony Needed for Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Coastal Zone Management, Ocean Clean Up, & Sand Preservation Bills

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Bill to Be Heard Feb. 22 

SB 3007, which changes the name of “Discoverer’s Day” to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,”  has been scheduled by HWN/EDT for Wed, Feb 22, at 1:15 PM.

Testimony should be sent to:
HWNtestimony@Capitol.Hawaii.gov & EDTtestimony@Capitol.Hawaii.gov.
Here is a link to the bill status, including how to submit testimony:


Coastal Zone Management Bill to Be Heard Feb. 23 

SB 2908 aims to preserve our sandy beaches by increasing restrictions on shoreline construction.  It has been scheduled for public hearing by the Senate Committes on Water, Land and Housing (Chair, Sen. Donovan DelaCruz) and Public Safety,Government Operations and Military Affairs (Chair, Sen. Will Espero).  The joint WLH/PGM hearing will be on Thursday, Feb 23, at 1:20 PM at the Capitol, Rm 225.

You are encouraged to present testimony either in person or in writing, or both. It may be sent toWLHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov .

Here is the link to the hearing notice, which also contains the text as the bill and other information:


Ocean Clean Up Bill to Be Heard Feb. 23

SB 2906, which authorizes the use of jet skis for ocean clean ups, is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Committee on Water, Land and Housing (Chairman, Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz).  The hearing will be at the Capitol in Rm 225 at 1:30 PM on Thursday, Feb 23.

You should submit testimony ahead of time, to: WLHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov.

Here is a link to the hearing notice, which also has other information, including the text of the bill.


Sand Preservation Bill to Be Heard Feb. 23

SB 2305, which removes the “one gallon per person per day” allowance for taking sand, rocks, and other marine debris from the shoreline, will be heard Feb. 23.

Testimony should be sent to JDLtestimony@Capitol.Hawaii.gov.
Here is a link to the hearing notice: