Ho`okulaiwi Bill Advances

(Updated 2.21.12)

Front Row (sitting L to R) Mapuana Tector, Zachary Kerr, Vincent Searle, Ikaia Bernardino, Daniel Searle, Mama Kelii. Middle Row (kneeling L to R) Leupena Benavides, Kaulana Benavides, Kawika Benavides. Back Row (standing L to R) Maile Shimabukuro, Roberta Searle, Ledell Kelii-Kearse, Akoni Benavides, Kaiawe Makanani, Kiana Tector, Lehua Benavides, Arviella Benavides, Lily Cabinatan, Kimo Kelii, Kapua Keliikoa-Kamai.

Mahalo to Wai`anae Coast residents, led by Kimo Keli`i, for coming in full force to testify in favor of Teacher Shortages bills (SB 3071/HB 2706). The bills provide support for the Ho`okulaiwi program, which trains teachers for hard-to-staff schools. Click the photo to enlarge. Also, click here to see the related story.

UPDATE 2-17- 12

Video by Maile Shimabukuro.

Thirty-nine individuals testified in support of the Hookulaiwi bill, SB 3071, which was introduced by Sen. Clayton Hee. L-R: Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, Kimo Kelii, Lily Cabinatan, OHA Chairwoman Collette Machado, and Kaiawe Makanani. Click to enlarge.