Wai`anae Fisherman Carl Jellings Testifies in Favor of Sand Preservation Bill

Wai`anae Fisherman Carl Jellings

Please support SB 2305 (and House companion, HB 2396), which repeals the “one gallon per person per day” allowance for taking sand, rocks, and soil from the shoreline.  For more information, click here and watch the video below of Carl Jellings’ testimony.

One Response

  1. Yes! Thank you Carl Jellings (Go Hawks!) for that very important testimony. Sand from canals (e.g. Ulehawa, Nanakuli) needs to go back into the ocean from which it came. For everything there is a reason and a season: this is true for the cycle of the movement of sand. Carl’s testimony was filled with wisdom accumulated from years of fishing the coastlines of our island.
    Years of neglect of the aina is coming back to bite us. Coral mined from the back of Maili (Paakea in Mikilua) by Kaiser to develop other parts of Oahu has left a gaping hole with the intention of others to make it a landfill without consideration of those who reside in the community.


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