Landfill Community Give-Back Bill Advances

Mahalo nui loa to Kimo Kelii (4th from left, in hat and green and white aloha shirt) for organizing a large group from the Wai`anae Coast to testify in support of SB 2302, a bill which Kelii suggested to Sen. Shimabukuro. [Click the image to enlarge]
People kneeling (L-R): Vincent Searle, Daniel Searle, Kaulana Benavides, Luepena Benavides, Lehua Benavides, Ledell Kelii-Kearse, Akoni Benavides, Kiana Tector, Karissa Atisanoe, Zachary Kerr and Arviella Benavides.
People Standing (L-R): Lily Cabinatan, Suzanne Landford, Puanani Kelii, Mrs. Searle, Hokulani Searle, John Kaopua, Marylou Wahilani, Eve Dana, Dixie Kalamau, Mr. Kamealoha, Possi, Polly Grace, Bronson, Anton, Jamison, Mapuana Tector, Koli, Jaryn, Richard Landford, Tupou, Kimo Kelii.
Missing from the photo: Kaiawe Makanani, Ikaia Bernardino, Ikaika Ramos, Kawika Benavides, Gwen, and Saylom.  [Click the image to enlarge]
SB 2302 SD1 requires 25% of fines levied against landfills to be distributed evenly to public high schools within 10 miles of the landfill.  Mr. Oshiro paid for a chartered bus to bring students and residents from the Wai`anae Coast to the Capitol to testify on the bill.

Here is a link to the status of SB 2302: