Testimony Needed for ‘Off The Grid’ Housing, Beach Preservation, & Family Abandonment Bills

Beach Preservation Bill to Be Heard 2/9/12

SB 2305, which eliminates the “one gallon per person per day” allowance for taking sand and rocks from our beaches, is scheduled for Thursday, Feb 9, at 1:15 PM.  The bill will be heard by the Senate Committee on Water, Land & Housing.  Sen Donovan Dela Cruz is the Chair.

Here is the link to the hearing notice, which also contains a copy of the bill:


Testimony may be sent to WLHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov

Mahalo to residents along Pokai Bay Street for suggesting this bill.  These residents are dismayed by the rampant sand theft happening along our shorelines.

Family Abandonment Bill to Be Heard 2/9/12

HB 2780 (companion to SB 3008), Allows impoverished family court plaintiffs and petitioners to serve notice by posting pleadings at the courthouse in lieu of notice by publication, subject to order of the court, demonstration of a diligent search, and mailing of the pleadings to the defendant’s or respondent’s closest known relative, when the opposing party’s whereabouts are unknown.

Here is a link to the bill’s status:


Off-the-Grid Housing Bill to Be Heard 2/10/12

SB 2639 is scheduled to be heard on Friday, Feb. 10.  The bill aims to eliminate some of the barriers to develop and administer off-the-grid living programs to place eligible native Hawaiians on DHHL land prior to installation of utility infrastructure.

Here is a link to the bill’s status:

Call Maile’s aide, Wally Inglis, at 586-7793 if you have any questions or need assistance.