Testimony Needed for Tire Dumping & Witness Line-Up Bills

Witness Line Up Bill to be Heard 2/7/12

SB 2304 increases fairness and objectivity in procedures for eyewitness identification of persons suspected of perpetrating an offense in live lineups and photo lineups. The bill will be heard by the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee on 2/7/12. The hearing notice is here:


Mahalo to Kat Brady of the Community Alliance on Prisons for suggesting SB2304.

Tire Bill to Be Heard 2/8/12

SB 3006 re-establishes the $1 motor vehicle tire surcharge to assist the DOH in its permitting, monitoring & enforcement activities re: illegal tire dumping, used tire management, collection, recycling and disposal facilities.

The bill will be heard on Wed, Feb 8, by the Senate Committees on Health (Sen. Josh Green, Chair) and Committee on Energy and Environment (Sen. Mike Gabbard, Chair) at 3:10 PM in Rm 229 at the capitol.

Here is the link to the Hearing Notice, which also includes a copy of the bill:


Mahalo to Mark Suiso for suggesting this critical measure to Sen. Shimabukuro. Please support this bill and spread the word.
Testimony may be sent to WLHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov

Call Maile’s aide, Wally Inglis, at 586-7793 if you have any questions or need assistance

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