Legislative Update: Bills Numbered (1/31/12)

Aloha!  Here is an updated list of some of the bills, including links to their status, which I have introduced or am supporting in 2012:


Teacher Shortages (SB 3071/HB 2706) – support for the Ho`okulaiwi program, which trains teachers for hard-to-staff schools

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds for schools in 2011-’12 Budget (HB 200, 2011):

. power upgrade for Kamaile Elementary ($800,000)

. architectural barrier removal for Wai’anae HS ($1.3 mil)

. repair Nanakuli HS & Intermediate leaking gym roof (part of $2.3 mil federal grant)

. repair and maintenance for all Wai’anae Coast schools – Kamaile, Leihoku, Maili, Makaha, Nanakuli (El, HS/Inter) and Wai’anae (El, Inter, HS) — funded by federal “Race To The Top” program ($1.7 mil)

. design for new Nanakuli Public Library ($1.075 mil)


Disabled Veterans’ Exemption (SB 103) – exempt totally and permanently disabled veterans from motor vehicle registration fees

Disabled Placards (SB 1119) – allow disabled persons to receive second removable windshield placard

Makaha Bridges (HB 200, 2011) – $1.3m construction of bridges near Makaha Beach Park

Farrington Highway (HB 200, 2011) – resurfacing, Kili Dr. to Satellite Tracking Station ($10.9 mil)

Harbors (HB 200, 2011) – construction funds may be available through lump sum allocation for improvements statewide at boating and ocean recreation facilities ($7.5 mil)


Community Inspectors (SB 2303) – empower County mayors to appoint, in cooperation with neighborhood boards, volunteer pollution inspection advisors to Department of Health in matters relating to landfills and similar facilities

Community Give-Back (SB 2302) – add a community giveback fee to fines for violations of health and safety regulations levied against landfills and other industrial sites

Landfill Ban (SB 2907/HB 1665) – Place a moratorium on new landfills on the Waianae Coast in the interest of environmental justice; prohibit all landfills from accepting municipal solid waste after dates to be determined (SB 1425)

Medicaid for Disabled – Urge an audit of the state’s QExA health insurance program for disabled patients


Compost Toilets (SB 2640/HB 2778– eliminate or mitigate legal prohibitions against septic tanks, compost toilets and other “green” alternative wastewater systems which will bring down the cost of housing

“Off-the-Grid” housing (SB 2639/HB 2634) – Increase the amount of infrastructure-free vacant Hawaiian Homestead lots granted to DHHL beneficiaries to create more affordable, “aina-based” opportunities for Native Hawaiians.

Homeless Services/Shelters (HB 200, 2011) – approx. $15m per year for the next two years, including $1.6 million for shelter support contracts & 3 new shelters, including Wai’anae

Energy & Environment

Tire Bill (SB 3006) – establish a $1 per imported tire deposit program aimed at increasing funds to combat illegal tire dumping

Environmental Justice (SB 107) – constitutional amendment to reaffirm and strengthen state’s commitment to environmental rights

GMO Awareness – urge “GMO-Free” labeling on produce, fish, meats, and other non-processed foods. (Note: GMO = genetically modified organism; referring to food which has been produced using gene-splicing and other scientific lab-based genetic engineering)


Hawaiian Immersion (SB 3009/HB 2875– Hawaii state assessment tests for 5th & 6th grade Hawaiian immersion students shall be given in Hawaiian rather than English; resolution urging increased parity between “English as a Second Language” and “Hawaiian as a Second Language” programs.

E Ala Voyaging Canoe (HB 200, 2011) – plan & design E Ala voyaging canoe ocean education center in Wai’anae ($500,000)

Indigenous Rights (SB 3007) – rename Discoverer’s Day as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

Ocean & Beaches

Pollution Prevention (SB 2906/HB 2825) – authorize use of jet skis for ocean-related community clean ups

Lifeguards (HB 1406) – create new collective bargaining unit for water safety officers

Crime & Public Safety

Sex Abuse (SB 2588/HB 2139) – lengthen the statute of limitations for child sex abuse civil suits (Note: The Governor vetoed SB 217 on 7/12/11; the HD1 version will be re-introduced in 2012 with a new number)

Witness Identification of Suspects (SB 2304) – improve fairness in current system of identification of suspects by eye-witnesses

Flood Mitigation (HB 200, 2011) – 3 projects funded in HB 200: Lualualei Flats/Puhawai Stream ($2 mil); Farrington Hwy between Maili & Nanakuli ($8 mil); Lahilahi St. ($1 mil)

Parental Responsibility (SB 216) – encourage parental responsibility by creating misdemeanor offense for inadequate supervision of a minor

Dog Tethering (SB 1424) – create an offense of confinement of a dog by tethering

Ka`ena Point Radio Facility (HB 200, 2011) – $1m for one of 9 sites statewide as part of program to improve critical communication systems

Access to Legal Services & Court System

Abandonment of Children & Families (SB 3008/HB 2780– allow service of custody, adoption, guardianship, TRO, and other family-related petitions via posting on Family Court bulletin board when opposing side’s whereabouts are unknown

Arbitration (SB 1488) – Authorizes a default ruling against any party to an arbitration who fails to pay the arbitration fees or costs directed by an arbitrator or arbitration organization.

Business and Economic Development

Job Training (HB 200, 2011) – Funding for LCC’s Wai’anae Education Center at the Tycom Building in Maili ($3 mil)

Waianae Agriculture Park (HB 200, 2011) – $550,000 for design and construction

Sandy Beach/Tourist Attraction Preservation (SB 2908/HB 2779) – improve protection of beaches and coastline through better coordination between state and county programs: Coastal Zone Management (CZM), Special Management Areas (SMA), etc.

Sand Theft (SB 2305/HB 2396) – eliminate the “one gallon per person per day” rule allowing people to take sand from beaches

TO CHECK FOR BILL STATUS VISIT WWW.CAPITOL.HAWAII.GOV or 21maile.com. Call my office at 586-7793 if you have any questions or concerns.

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