2012 Legislative Session Calendar

Aloha, and Happy New Year!

The 2012 Legislative Session Calendar has now been established.

The Public Access Room has created the attached color-coded version of the calendar, one that will be very helpful when you need to distinguish “bill,” “resolution,” and “budget” deadlines from one another.  As ever, useful information relating to all the various deadlines appears on the reverse side.



Public Access Room (PAR)

A Division of the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB)

State Capitol, Room 401

415 S. Beretania St.

Honolulu, HI  96813


Phone:  808/587-0478*

TTY:  808/587-0749

Fax:  808/587-0793

Email:  par@capitol.hawaii.gov

Website:  http://hawaii.gov/lrb/par

2012 Chuck Wothke Health Career Scholarship Application – April 16 Deadline

2012 Chuck Wothke Health Career Scholarship Application

The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center’s 2012 Chuck Wothke Health Career Scholarship Application is now available.  Chuck Wothke was one of the founders of our Health Center and served on our Board of Directors for many years.  He supported the Waianae Health Academy and alltraining/education-related initiatives of the Health Center.

ELIGIBILITY for Scholarship…To be eligible for the award the applicant must:

Be 18 years of age or older or be a graduating high school senior.

Be a resident of the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center primary service area (Honokai Hale to Ka`ena).

Demonstrate financial need (priority given to those in most financial need).

Be enrolled in or entering into a health related field of study.

Be enrolled in or accepted into college or a post-secondary program (vocational or training program/school).

If a previous awardee of a Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center Scholarship, must have maintained a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA).


Please turn in the following by the April 16, 2012 deadline:

Fully completed scholarship application (click on images below for 3 page application).

Personal statement.

Current proof of acceptance by a college, university or certified post-secondary program.

Copy of completed 2011 tax documents for self or parent(s) if a dependent.

Proof of academic standing; i.e., most recent copy of transcript or report card.


Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center

Ho`olōkahi Department (Scholarships)

86-260 Farrington Highway

Waianae, Hawaii 96792

The DEADLINE for accepting applications is 4:30pm on April 16, 2012 or all applications must bepostmarked no later than April 16, 2012.

Selections will be announced by May 31, 2012.

If you have any questions, pleasecall the Ho’olokahi Department at 697-3573 or 697-3215.


Waianae Community Children’s Council’s monthly general business meeting

When: Thursday January 19, 2011

Where: Waianae Satellite City Hall, Conference room

Time: Starts @ 5:30pm – pau



Michelle Chung
WCCC Parent Co Chair

Courtesy Release for HCDA – Kalaeloa Improvement Projects Set to Begin


HONOLULU – The Hawai’i Community Development Authority (HCDA) has a greenlight this month to begin work on improvement projects in Kalaeloa, O’ahu that will make the roadways safer for the community.  Construction will commence on January 17, 2012, and is expected to continue for approximately six months.

The projects were identified as high-priority by the community as part of the HCDA’S ongoing collaborative efforts with advisory groups.  In 2006, HCDA formed the Kalaeloa Community Network and the Kalaeloa Public Safety groups, which consist of community stakeholders, landowners, elected officials and government agencies.  The groups meet monthly to volunteer their time, share resources and develop partnerships that improve conditions in Kalaeloa.

The advisory groups helped the HCDA to identify five of the most challenging roadway areas in the district, and the agency submitted a request for funding to the Hawai’i State Legislature.  The Legislature enacted Act213 (2007) and Act 158 (2008) that together appropriated $1.1 million for these safety improvements.

“Collaboration and communityinvolvement are essential to the successful redevelopment of Kalaeloa, an important part of leeward O’ahu,” said Governor Neil Abercrombie,whose involvement in the revitalization of Kalaeloa began during his tenure inthe U.S. House of Representatives.  As a congressman, he sponsored special language conveying approximately 300 acres of land in Kalaeloa to the HCDA. This specification was included in the Defense Authorization Act FY2010 and signed by President Barack Obama on October 29, 2009.

“In the last several years,Kalaeloa has sprouted new businesses and industries, generated job opportunities in the area, and added educational facilities and recreational options,” Governor Abercrombie added.  However, as the population increases, it is imperative that the roadway network is maintained with public safety in mind.  These initial and necessary safety improvements represent an important and necessary partnership between HCDA and the community that it serves.”

The work will consist of the installation of traffic signs and pavement markings, minor grading work and  traffic lane realignment at five separate locations.  The five locations  are:

1.       Project Site 1:        “S” curve on Coral Sea Road

2.       Project Site 2:        Roosevelt Avenue andPhilippine Sea Street intersection

3.       Project Site 3:        Coral Sea Road and EisenhowerRoad intersection

4.       Project Site 4:        Coral Sea Road and TripoliStreet intersection

5.       Project Site 5:        Roosevelt Avenue and Coral SeaRoad

Westside Service Provider Network – Meeting Registration

January 18, 2012


85-670Farrington Hwy Waianae, Hawaii  96792

The primary purpose is to build relationships between service providers and businesses within thecommunity to create a TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More).

Our Mission is to turn each Service Provider or Business into a strong team of networking professionals who work together to build a stronger community and to supportand develop a referral TEAM that supports parents and children, their families, individuals, advocates and government agencies. (ie: schools, DHS, etc).

This is a networking opportunity to help you grow your business by bringing other providers in the community together so that we can all be informed on the typesof services within the Westside Community.

Each Provider will have a speaking opportunity to inform the group of their particular services and their target client.  With the knowledge of “who is out therein the community”, it will empower all of us to better help our clients to refer or recommend a service provider.  It will also enable you to confer with other service providers on ways to engage clients into services or refer  a client to YOU.


Raelene Tenno
Westside Service Provider Network
808-368-3657      888-281-7221 fax

Networking meetings every 3rd Wednesday at Waianae Neighborhood Community Center



Update on the Makaha Bridges & Farrington Hwy from DOT

1.        FarringtonHighway Resurfacing, Kili Drive to Yokohama Bay (not called Satellite TrackingStation anymore).

SCOPE:  Resurfacing, installingcenterline and shoulder rumble strips, safety edges, reflector markers,milepost reference markers, pavement markings, striping and signage.

COST:  $10,920,000

STATUS:  Baseline complete, workingon the pavement design report and surveying.  Advertising for bidsis scheduled for March 2013 and construction by end of 2013.

2.        Farrington Highway, Replacement ofMakaha Bridge No. 3 and Makaha Bridge No. 3A         SCOPE: Replacement of two wooden bridges (Makaha Bridge Nos. 3 and 3A) withnew concrete bridges which meet current code (2 – 12 foot lanes with 10foot shoulders).

COST: $16,000,000

STATUS: PS&E at 90% complete.  Finalizationis pending resolution to below issues.                a.        SpecialManagement Area (SMA) Permit – submitted response letter to address CityCouncil concerns; City Council to review HDOT response letter and takeaction at February meeting;                b.        Rightof Way (ROW) Acquisition – ROW acquisition offer letters have been sentout; continuing to address property owner concerns/questions;                c.        Deptof Health Section 401 Water Quality Certification approvals – has beenre-assigned within DOH staff to expedite review;                d.        UtilityAgreements – UAs have been forwarded to AGs for review;                e.        Section106 – addressing concerns with Historic Hawaii Foundation.

Advertising for bids is now moved fromMay 2012 to hopefully July 2012

Jadine Urasaki
P.E. LEED AP Deputy Director – Projects
State of Hawaii Department of Transportation
869 Punchbowl Street, Suite 500 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Spring AYSO Registrations for Divisions U8 and above

From: David Carona/REGION 269 AYSO

Happy New Year!

We are holding two more registrations for the spring season! If you are already registered, please pass this along to anyone who may be interested:

Saturday January 14th, Kapolei Middle School, Building E, enter off of Kamaaha Ave. 2-6 PM

Saturday January 21st. Nanakuli High School 3:30 – 6:30 PM

Before the registration:

1.    Go to www.eayso.org <http://www.eayso.org/>  log in and fill out a registration form.

2.    Print out three copies.

3.    If a new player or ordering a new uniform, indicate the uniform size on the registration form.

4.    Sign all three copies and bring them to one of the above registration events.


Space is always dependent on coach availability so we can’t guarantee you will have a spot but we can guarantee you won’t play unless you register 😉

Leeward Region 269