Nanakuli HS Wrestling Fundraiser: ‘Come Fly with Us’ March 18

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Transportation Update: 2nd Access Road

Sen. Shimabukuro’s Testimony:

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization

Policy Committee

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To:                   Chair and Committee Members

From:               Senator Maile S. L. Shimabukuro

Re:                   Revision #2 to FY 2012 Overall Work Program

Deletion of the Wai’anae Coast Access Alternatives Study

I thank the Chair and Committee Members for the opportunity to offer written testimony in strong opposition to that part of Item II on today’s agenda that proposes to delete a Wai’anae Coast Transportation Security Study.  As Senator from the district that would benefit from such a study, I support its stated objectives: “to identify, analyze, and compare all feasible methods to improve access to and from the Wai’anae Coast, especially during and following major weather events which, in the past, have resulted in the closure of Farrington Highway.”

During the nine years I have served in both the House and Senate I have both introduced and supported legislation to do something about this critical access situation.  In my first year in office, I introduced a bill to direct OMPO’s Policy Committee to include the Wai’anae second access road project in the TOP 2025 and identify immediate sources of funding for the project—including priority of the project in the Oahu Transportation Improvement Program.  In the past 2011 session, I introduced resolutions requesting our state Department of Transportation, with OMPO’s assistance, to conduct a study on the feasibility of using Kolekole Pass Road as an alternative means of access to and from the Leeward Coast of Oahu.

I note that the reason given for the deletion is that the state DOT has withdrawn its support because of limited funding resources.  However, it is essential that all levels of government—city, state, and federal—work cooperatively to find a solution to a problem that has long been acknowledged in word but ignored in deed.  There are signs, however, that the tide is turning.  The Navy, which closed Kolekole Pass a year ago as unsafe for vehicular travel, is on record as wanting to return the road to the state within ten years.  In August Senator Daniel Inouye announced that Hawaii will receive a $2.5 million federal grant from the U.S. DOT to repair and reopen the pass as an emergency evacuation route.

OMPO today has the opportunity to become part of a government/community team effort to make a significant contribution to finding a solution to a longstanding transportation problem.  Deleting this item from your Overall Work Program would be a step backward.  I urge you to keep it where it is. Work with us to insure that the people of the Wai’anae Coast finally get their long-awaited emergency access road.

Mahalo for your attention to this urgent matter!

[Note: Our understanding is that following the hearing in December 2011, OMPO’s Policy Committee voted to keep the Waianae Coast Access Alternatives Study in its plan.  Mahalo to all who fought for this action.]

Flood Clean Up Kudos; Next Clean Up on 1/16/12

Please see below a thank you letter which was sent to Mayor Peter Carlisle, City Department of Facilities Maintenance, City Department of Environmental Services, City Department of Planning and Permitting, HI State Civil Defense, HI National Guard Youth Challenge Academy, Department of Defense, HI Department of Land and Natural Resources, US Army Corps of Engineers, Sen. Daniel Inouye, Rep. Mazie Hirono, Paradise Lua/Porky’s Trucking (George Grace, III), and Dr. Fred Dodge in late December 2011.


Mahalo for your assistance with the Paakea area clean up on November 19 and the Puuhulu stream clean up on December 10.  We truly appreciate your help and support.  Your participation was vital to making both clean ups a success with over 300 volunteers, resulting in the removal of approximately 16 tons of trash, 5 tons of green waste, one 40-foot container of construction waste, and 900 tires.  Both clean ups would not have been possible without the combined efforts of federal, state, and city government agencies and officials, businesses, organizations, and community members.

These two clean ups are a great first step following the Town Hall Meeting that discussed flooding issues along the Waianae Coast on September 29.  We look forward to continuing our efforts as part of the Waianae Coast Flood Mitigation Working Group.  The next Stream Clean Up is scheduled for January 16, 2012 and we welcome your participation and support again.  Thank you again for all your efforts in working together to serve the Waianae Coast.


Maile Shimabukuro, Senator             Jo Jordan, Representative

21st District                                          45th District

Ko Olina, Kahe Pt, Nanakuli              Waianae, Makaha,  Makua

Maili, Waianae, Makaha, Makua

Note: The 1/16/12 clean up will target Puuhulu Stream.  For more information, contact Rep. Jo Jordan at 586-8460.

HI Supreme Court to Hold Hearing in Kapolei on 1/5/12; Public Invited

As part of the Hawaii Supreme Court’s efforts to make the justice system more open to the public, the high court will hold its second hearing next Thursday on a court case at the Kapolei courthouse.

The justices will hear arguments involving a property dispute in a Kauai divorce case, Kakinami v. Kakinami.

“The court’s objective in convening in Kapolei is to make the justice system more accessible to people who live and work on the west side of the island, as well as to the members of the family law bar who practice in Kapolei, ” the judiciary said.

The hearing, which is open to the public, is set for 10 a.m. Jan. 5 on the first floor of the Ronald T.Y. Moon Judiciary Complex in Kapolei and is expected to last about an hour.

The five-member high court can ask questions of the lawyers. The court customarily will not issue at ruling at the hearing, but will render a decision later.

The justices usually hold their hearings at the Aliiolani Hale Supreme Court courtroom. 

Heres the Supreme Court Oral Argument schedule link which has some added information about the case:

[Note: The Kapolei Family Court is located across Costco  (Diamond Head direction) ]

Workforce Development & Education Update from UH’s P-20 Partnership

Message from Maile’s sister, Summer Miles, of Leeward Community College-Wai`anae:
Below is the link to the powerpoint presentations from the Hawaii College Access Network (HICAN) conference.  They contain lots of really good information on national and state trends in education and workforce development.  Among others, I recommend viewing the “Growing Industries in Hawaii” powerpoint, which contains some really powerful and insightful data to help shed some light on many of our end goals.

On the Hawaii P-20 website, the powerpoint sides from all the presenters is posted here:

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Naguwa

College & Career Readiness Program Outreach Manager

Hawai’i P-20 Partnerships for Education
University of Hawaii
2425 Campus Road-Sinclair Library, Rm 504
Honolulu, HI  96822
Tel:  808-956-5691       Fax:  808-956-8037


Legislative Update: 2012 Bills

Aloha!  Here is a list of some of the bills I will be working on in 2012:


Teacher Shortages – establish the “Hawaii Grow Your Own Teacher Program” to train teachers for hard-to-staff schools

HB 200 — Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds for schools in 2011-’12 Budget:

  . power upgrade for Kamaile Elementary ($800,000)

. architectural barrier removal for Wai’anae HS ($1.3 mil)

. repair Nanakuli HS & Intermediate leaking gym roof (part of $2.3 mil federal grant)

. repair and maintenance for all Wai’anae Coast schools – Kamaile, Leihoku, Maili,

Makaha, Nanakuli (El, HS/Inter) and Wai’anae (El, Inter, HS) — funded by federal

“Race To The Top” program ($1.7 mil)

. design for new Nanakuli Public Library ($1.075 mil)


SB 103 – exempt totally and permanently disabled veterans from motor vehicle registration fees

SB 1119 – allow disabled persons to receive second removable windshield placard

Makaha Bridges – $1.3m construction of bridges near Makaha Beach Park (HB200)

Alternative Access RoadHB 200 funds plans for highway mauka of Farrington Hwy beginning at Lualualei Magazine for access in and out of Leeward Coast ($1 mil)

Farrington Highwayresurfacing, Kili Dr. to Satellite Tracking Station ($10.9 mil)

Harbors – construction funds may be available through lump sum allocation for improvements statewide at boating and ocean recreation facilities ($7.5 mil)


Landfills – empower County mayors to appoint, in cooperation with neighborhood boards, volunteer pollution inspection advisors to Department of Health in matters relating to landfills and similar facilities

Environmental Justice – add a community giveback fee to fines for violations of health and safety regulations levied against landfills and other industrial sites

SB 1425 – prohibit all landfills from accepting municipal solid waste after dates to be determined


Compost Toilets – eliminate or mitigate legal prohibitions against septic tanks, compost toilets and other “green” alternative wastewater systems which will bring down the cost of housing

SB 600 – encourage development of farm worker housing

Homeless Services/Shelters – approx. $15m per year for the next two years, including

$1.6 million for shelter support contracts & 3 new shelters, including Wai’anae (HB200)

Energy & Environment

Tire Bill – establish a tire deposit program similar to existing beverage container recycling legislation

SB 107 – constitutional amendment to reaffirm and strengthen state’s commitment to environmental rights


E Ala Voyaging Canoe – plan & design E Ala voyaging canoe ocean education center in Wai’anae ($500,000)

SB 1422 – proposes constitutional amendment to exempt real property on Hawaiian Home Lands from taxation

Ocean & Beaches

Sand Preservation – bills to prohibit all taking of sand from beaches, and improve protection of beaches and coastline through better coordination between state and county programs: Coastal Zone Management (CZM), Special Management Areas (SMA), etc.

HB 1406 – create new collective bargaining unit for water safety officers

Crime & Public Safety

SB 217 – lengthen the statute of limitations for child sex abuse civil suits (Note: The Governor vetoed this bill on 7/12/11; the HD1 version  will be re-introduced in 2012 with a new number)

Witness Identification of Suspects – improve fairness in current system of identification of suspects by eye-witnesses

Flood Mitigation – 3 projects funded in HB 200: Lualualei Flats/Puhawai Stream ($2 mil); Farrington Hwy between Maili & Nanakuli ($8 mil); Lahilahi St. ($1 mil)

SB 216 – encourage parental responsibility by creating misdemeanor offense for inadequate supervision of a minor

SB 1424 – create an offense of confinement of a dog by tethering

Access to Legal Services & Court System

Divorce – bill to facilitate service of documents off-island in divorce cases (similar to District Court legislation introduced by Sen. Shimabukuro in 2011and enacted into law as Act 171)

SB 1488 – Authorizes a default ruling against any party to an arbitration who fails to pay the arbitration fees or costs directed by an arbitrator or arbitration organization.

Business and Economic Development

Job Training – Funding for LCC’s Wai’anae Education Center at the Tycom Building in Maili ($3 mil)

Waianae Agriculture Park $550,000 for design and construction (HB200)

Ka`ena Point Radio Facility – $1m for one of 9 sites statewide as part of program to improve critical communication systems

TO CHECK FOR BILL STATUS VISIT WWW.CAPITOL.HAWAII.GOV or  Call my office at 586-7793 if you have any questions or concerns.