Legislative Update – December 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!

I am excited to start the 2012 session, and will continue to serve as Vice-Chair of the Judiciary and Labor Committee.  I am also a member of the Health, Water Land , and Agriculture Committees.  

This session I have several bills in the works, such as: 

 Tire bill: Modeled after the “Bottle Bill,” the “Tire Bill” will require a deposit at the time of purchasing a tire, which can be redeemed upon the proper disposal of the tire.  Currently people are already required to pay a deposit, but it is at the time of disposal rather than upfront, which is why illegal tire dumping has reached epidemic proportions.  Mahalo to Mark Suiso of Nani O Wai`anae for suggesting this excellent measure.

Compost Toilets:  Elimination of the current requirement to connect to a sewer line for those who live within ½ mile of sewer lines.  This will enable people to install more environmentally friendly and less costly compost toilets and septic tanks.

Sand Erosion: Several bills aimed at preserving one of HI’s finest resources – our sandy beaches.  For example, increase the set back for beachfront properties, and prohibit the construction of seawalls if they will detrimentally impact the natural erosion process.  Also, standardize all zoning laws around a beach ecosystem preservation model, and prohibit all taking of sand from public areas.

Landfills: Add a community giveback fee to fines levied against landfills and other industrial operators for violations of health and safety regulations. Establish a “community representative” position on the Dept. of Health team which performs inspections of landfills and other industrial operators.  Thanks to Kimo Kelii for suggesting these bills. 

Farmer’s Market Happenings.  I am excited to report that I will be hosting a “Christmas Cookie Decorating” booth at the Waianae Farmer’s Market on 12/17/11, 8am-11:30am, at Wai`anae High School.  Waianae High’s “Project Grad” committee will also be having a rummage sale at the Farmer’s Market that day.  Come check us out and support our local farmers!

As always, check out my blog, 21maile.com, for the latest updates, and contact me with your concerns at 586-7793.  

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