MA’O Farms’ Imu Turkey Fundraiser

First Lady Michelle Obama visited MA’O Farms on 11/12/11.  [Click the image to enlarge] 

Imu Turkey Fundraiser!

Ticket: $15/Turkey (Ham or Pork can be subbed)

  • Drop-off: Wednesday, November 23rd before 5 pm
  • Pick-up: Thursday, November 24th between 8 – 9 am
  • Where: MA`O Kauhale, 86-148 Puhawai Road

*Please defrost your turkey.  Place in roasting pan and cover securely with tin foil.

Call us for ticket information!

Mahalo for your support to send the Kauhale (MA`O Organic Farms, Searider Productions and Makaha Studios) to New Zealand on a cultural learning exchange.

Have a great Thanksgiving turkey without all the work!

For more information, call:


One Response

  1. Thanks Maile, I Appreciate, YOUR RESPONSE. Continue Your GREAT EFEORTS, YOU ARE SO VALUABLE TO THIS COMMUNITY! I will be in vegas longer than anticipated. Its Such A Joy HEARING FROM YOU. MUCH MAHALO, Dennis


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