2012 Coral Reef Conservation Fund RFP

From: “Burke, Michael” <Michael.Burke@doh.hawaii.gov>
Date: October 27, 2011 2:52:51 PM HST
Subject: 2012 Coral Reef Conservation Fund RFP
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and NOAA is seeking applicants for FY12 Coral Reef Conservation Fund.
Please take a look at the email below if you’re interested:

From: Erin Hofmann [mailto:Erin.Hofmann@NFWF.ORG]
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 7:27 AM
Subject: 2012 Coral Reef Conservation Fund RFP


The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and NOAA’s Coral Program recently announced the availability of grant funding for coral reef domestic projects through the Coral Reef Conservation Fund 2012. You can find the RFP at www.nfwf.org/coralreef. This year, priority for US domestic projects will be given to applications for projects that take place in the priority watersheds. This year’s RFP has priorities focused on stream bank stabilization priority and enhancement of developing watershed management plans – both topics that may be of interest to you or others that you know operating in these watersheds.

In regards to our new priority on stream bank stabilization, we really hope that this priority will attract some volunteer projects, perhaps school or community groups. Please circulate the RFP to any local NGOs or community groups that you believe may have an interest in this topic. Continue reading

Scenic Byways “Community Meeting” will be held on December 5, 2011

Wai’anae Coast Scenic Byways Community Meeting

Monday, December 5 • 6 pm • Wai’anae Community Center Conference Room (Satellite City Hall)

Over the past six months, a growing group of Wai’anae Coast residents have been working with the State Department of Transportation to establish a “Scenic Byway” designation for the Farrington Highway corridor. To receive a scenic byway designation, a community-based group must submit a preliminary plan for improving a specific highway area for visitors interested in experiencing a community’s historic, cultural, scenic or recreational sites and activities.

Working with community groups and local residents ensures that the decisions made about the project are done by the local community.

The current plan includes sites along Farrington Highway starting at Pöka’i Bay and ending at Ke’awa’ula. The group would like to extend the byway project southward on Farrington as communities groups come forward to determine how they would like to be involved.

Registration is requested to help the group plan for the meeting. For more information, call 265-3975.

Gail Gomes
CBT Coordinator
Wai’anae Coast Coalition

Haunted House

Finding Help Phone List

The following information is from Mental Health Hawaii (MHA)

Aloha to our MHA-Hawai`i `Ohana!
Their NEW Finding Help Phone List is now available for download:

Click here: http://www.mentalhealth-hi.org/Resources/Documents/FINAL2011FHPhList.pdf

It is statewide and contains contact information (phone numbers and websites) for agencies and programs that offer assistance with substance abuse, anger management, grief support, mental health problems, domestic violence, homelessness, sex abuse, employment, developmental disabilities; and help for seniors, children and adolescents, immigrants, AND VETERANS, – just to name a few.


Update provided by:
Laurie Lawrence/Academic Coordinator—Leeward Community College-Waianae

Children’s safety walking to & from school. 
The elementary school community expressed concern that increased traffic during times children are walking to school & after school lets out would be a safety issue.  Since the elementary school day starts before the LCC-Waianae campus opens at 8:00am, there should be no impact in the mornings.  In the afternoon, we would make sure to schedule our classes so that they are not starting/ending during the time that the elementary school lets out. 

The Tycom building has a large paved lot behind it. We expect to have approx. 70 student parking spaces in that area, with staff parking in the small lot on the side of the building. We are happy to open up our parking lot to Maili Elementary parents for special school events as appropriate and necessary.

Public transportation
We are exploring the option of having a regular shuttle to transport our students from the Bus stop on Farrington Hwy. to encourage them to take the Bus.

There are few food options for students to purchase lunch in Maili.  We plan to look into creative ways to encourage entrepreneurship (lunch wagons in our parking lot, or a small culinary program for example) in this area.


I would like to encourage community members to contact me if they have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at the Leeward CC-Waianae campus at 696-6378 or by e-mail at lauriejl@hawaii.edu.

In addition, if community groups would like me or a member of the Leeward Community College administration team to come to a meeting to answer questions, I’d be happy to arrange this. We want to keep the community involved in the discussion as we continue to move forward with this exciting opportunity.

 Mahalo for all of your support!