Mahalo to LCCW Yard Sale Volunteers!

Leeward Community College Wai’anae’s Yard Sale on October 8-9 was a success, raising $654.25 for its 3 student clubs: Earth 2 Fashion, Sports Club and Student Enrichment Activities. Click the images below for blow-ups of the high resolution photos.

(L to R) Tasha Keliikipi, Joanna Dingle, Moses Magno, Hoku Kealoha, Kortnee Ryan

Maile Shimabukuro, Kortnee Ryan, Maisha Abbott, Moses
Magno (kneeling), Joanna Dingle, and Keola Kalima

Moses Magno and Sammy Kawelo

(L to R) Karen Young, Fred Dodge, Georgia Campbell, Sandie Morimoto

Mahalo to the following students, staff and community members who supported this event:

Geri Dela Cruz-West
Jordan Demotto
Danielle “Kana” Torres
Cherish Kiyohiro-Harvest
Tasha Keliikipi
Hoku Kealoha
Joanna Dingle
Uilani Gasper
Cherrie Jones
Angie Raymond
Monica Maka
Pua Ford
Sammy Kawelo
Magno ‘Ohana
Pono Rosario
Henry Kaha
Maisha Abbott
Mary Jane Heart
Donald Mullosmen
Ernest Dela Cruz and Melissa Duropan
Kortnee Ryan
Jennifer Wharton
Laurie Lawrence
Danny Wyatt
Jean Stavrue-Peahi
Corrales ‘Ohana
Lexer Chou
Georgia Campbell
Dan and Sue Carpenter
Karen Young
Fred Dodge
Vince Dodge
Maile Shimabukuro
Dennis Dumancas
Jim Shimabukuro

…and many others — we apologize if we missed you (please let us know and we can add your name).

Submitted by Summer Miles

One Response

  1. Great job. Continue to what you’re doing to help the children, Make more of this kinds of services. Maile you and your family are doing such a wonderful job.


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