KITV4 – Sand Restoration Project to Begin in Makaha on Monday 8/22

Source: KITV August 16, 2011

HONOLULU — Winter storms bring big surf to Makaha beach, but the waves also cause big problems on shore as tons of sand are washed away.

A new project is set to begin on August 22 that will make the beach a safer and more beautiful place to be this winter.

Makaha beach is known for its surf break and beautiful wide stretch of sand.

Hawaii Senator Maile Shimabukuro: “This is the crown jewel of Makaha.”

“This is the crown jewel of Makaha,” said Hawaii Senator Maile Shimabukuro.

Every winter this crown jewel is tarnished as big waves wash away vast stretches of the beach.

Dean Marzol, Makaha resident: “In the winter … all the sand … moves to the east end.”

“In the winter, we have big northwest swells and all the sand at the west end of the beach moves to the east end of the beach — that is just from the wave movement,” said Makaha resident Dean Marzol. Click here to read the full article.

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