Blood Donors Needed

 The Blood Bank is in great need of blood.  Summers are the worst months and they need your help. 

If you are able to save 3 lives with your 1 pint of blood or know someone that is able to donate blood, please call 478-3753 or 697-3543, or email

50 more appointments are needed…
One Pint of Blood Can Change Someone’s Life Forever!
Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center
PINT GOAL:   7 5     =  2 25   LIVES SAVED!

Thursday,    August 11, 2011
7:30am –  4:30pm

Calling all Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center Donors to please GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE!
All Blood types are needed to maintain Hawaii’s blood supply!
If you are in good health, weigh at least 110 lbs., have no tattoos or body piercings in the last 12 months, and have a valid picture ID , PLEASE CONTACT Eva @ 697-3543
 Save THREE lives with your ONE donation!
Give Blood. It’s Safe. It’s simple. It Saves Lives.