Legislative Update: Bills Passed on Final Reading


 Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Requests in Budget (HB200):

 . power upgrade for Kamaile Elementary

 . Wai`anae Education Center (Leeward Community College) ($3m)

 . design for new Nanakuli Public Library ($1.075 mil)

 SB 1174 facilities fund formula for Charter Schools, and other improvements 


Flood Mitigation – 3 projects funded in HB 200: Lualualei Flats/Puhawai Stream ($2 mil); Farrington Hwy between Maili & Nanakuli ($8 mil); Lahilahi St. ($1 mil). 

Makaha Bridges $1.3m construction of bridges near Makaha Beach Park (HB200)

Alternative Access Road – HB 200 funds plans for highway mauka of Farrington Hwy beginning at Lualualei Magazine for access in and out of Leeward Coast ($1 mil)

Children & Families 

 SB 105 allow property owner to designate beneficiaries on death without probate or will

 SB 217 eliminate statute of limitations for child sex abuse civil suits

 SB 921 allow child services provider to provide emergency shelter & services to minors

 HB 56 permit reasonable visitation to grandparents if denial would harm child


 SB 101 legalize traditional methods of pa’i ‘ai & poi preparation for commercial sale

 SB 1288 (Act 025) $322,000 from Emergency & Budget Reserve Fund for Wai’anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center Emergency Room


 SB 903 create affordable rental housing development program; ensure projects remain affordable in perpetuity; set maintenance requirements

 HB 960 establish HHFDC program for tax credit loans for low-income housing

 SB651 repeal old and clarify new non-judicial foreclosure process; strengthen mortgage servicers law; broaden duties of Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

 Homeless Services/Shelters: approx. $15m per year for the next two years; $1.6m specifically for shelters (HB200)

Energy & Environment

 SB 181 require new single-family houses at time of construction to incorporate elements  to facilitate future adoption of photovoltaic system

 SB 1482 allow Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to consider benefits of capital improvements for renewable energy & energy efficiency despite short-term expense for neighborhoods located near landfills


 SB 1520/HB1405 establish a 9-member commission to prepare a roll of qualified Native  Hawaiian constituents to organize a convention and establish process of recognition

 HB 397 require specificity in resolutions for review of proposed exchanges, sales, or gifts of state land—i.e. if classified as government or crown lands before  Aug 15, 1895″

 SCR 159 urge DHHL to release pastoral & agricultural lands to its beneficiaries and report statistical data related to implementation of Art XII, sect 1 of State Constitution

Crime & Public Safety

 HB 555 Requires a person convicted of graffiti to remove graffiti from property within 250 yards of the site of the offense or perform 100 hours of community service

 SB 1533 protect peacocks under law on cruelty to animals

 SB 1025 expands offense against law enforcement officer to include assaults against firefighters and water safety officers

 HB 968 allows temporary restraining order to remain in effect up to 180 days or until protective order’s effective date, whichever comes first.

Access to Legal Services & Court System

 SB 1073 increase amount of surcharges for indigent legal services

 SB 1489 provide that attorney’s liens shall attach to judgments, decrees, orders  & settlements and awards pursuant to court order or arbitration proceeding

 SB 1491clarify circumstances under which district court may serve summons or other writ outside the state

Business and Economic Development

 SB 298 establish regulatory framework for sustainable benefits corporations

 HB 1308 increase tax credits for media infrastructure projects

Parks & Agriculture

E Ala Voyaging Canoe $500,000 for plan and design of improvements to land between harbor and Waianae High School, including E Ala canoe ocean education center

Waianae Agriculture Park $550,000 for design and construction (HB200)

 SB 2 require DLNR to establish public lands information system; require state agencies to report each land parcel to which it holds title; require progress report to Legislature. 


HB 4 make permanent interstate compact on education for military children

HB 49 recognize federally prescribed method of determining person authorized to dispose of armed forces member’s remains

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