Patrick Garcia of Wai`anae Named 2011 Financial Services Champion of the Year

Wai`anae’s Patrick Garcia, 4th from left, was honored by the Legislature on 3/28/11 for being named the “2011 Financial Services Champion of the Year.” [Click the image to enlarge]


The 2011 Financial Services Champion of the Year award honors an individual who assist small businesses through advocacy efforts to increase the usefulness and availability of account or financial services to small businesses.  The recipient of this year’s award is Richard Garcia of Strategic Financial Concepts.

Patrick Garcia, a business developer, trainer and partner in Strategic Financial Concepts, goes above and beyond the call of duty to truly understand the challenges small business owners face.   Mr. Garcia provides training and technical assistance to help small businesses write executive summaries and business plans, prioritize time and energy and build capacity in order to overcome hurdles to success.

Mr. Garcia’s network of associates, investors and bankers allows him a multitude of avenues for obtaining financing for small businesses, putting them on a clear course to meeting their goals.

We proudly present Mr. Patrick Garcia.  I’d also like to acknowledge Lauren Tanouye, who nominated Mr. Garcia for the Award.

[Note from Maile: Special “mahalo” to Sen. Carol Fukunaga and staff, who coordinated the honorary ceremony at the Capitol and wrote all certificates and speeches, including the speech honoring Patrick GarciaPatrick’s wife, Wai`anae realtor Terri Lynn Spotkaeff, was also in attendance when he was honored.]

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