Community Rallies to Restore Makaha Beach Sand!

“So it’s all finished, nice now ready to enjoy.” Buffalo Keaulana served as project coordinator. (Photo taken from the video, “Makaha Beach Restored ‘In-house,'” KHON 2.14.11)

“You can complain but the best thing do it yourself. And if people can jump on board and help us provide for ourself and be self-sustaining than that’s what we going do. And that’s what you seeing right here is us self-sustaining our beach. With our own community with our own people with our own equipment.” (Photo taken from the video, “Makaha Beach Restored ‘In-house,'” KHON 2.14.11)

“Being that we live with it, we take care of it. It’s called in-house we do things in-house.” (Photo taken from the video, “Makaha Beach Restored ‘In-house,'” KHON 2.14.11)

“‘If it weren’t for the help of the companies and the many volunteers, Hawaii would be in danger of losing one of the most famous beaches in the world,’ says Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, who helped organize the restoration project. ‘It is critical that we got the work done immediately since the winter surf season is in full swing. . . . We need to come up with a long-term solution which addresses the erosion problem on an annual basis,’ says Shimabukuro” (Ron Mizutani, “Makaha Beach Has Sand Again,” MidWeek 23 Feb. 2011). “Sen. Maile Shimabukuro (D, Nanakuli-Makua) obtained approval for the erosion control project from the state Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands” (Rosemarie Bernardo, “Communirty Helps Restore Eroded Makaha Beach Sand,” Star-Advertiser, 15 Feb. 2011).

Click the photo above to see the article and video, “Makaha Beach Restored ‘In-house'” (2.14.11), by KHON’s Ron Mizutani.*

Click the image above to zoom in. Click here to view the original Star-Advertiser article.**

Click the image above to read an earlier 21maile article about the 2.8.11 meeting to plan the restoration.

Click these images, above and below, to zoom in on the 23 Feb. 2011 MidWeek article on the restoration.

* Webcite alternative for the KHON article/video.
** Webcite alternative for the Star-Advertiser article.

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