2011 Bill List (Includes Links to Bill Status)


. plan and design E Ala voyaging canoe ocean education center in Wai’anae

. provide capital improvements for Nanakuli High & Intermediate (power upgrade), and Wai`anae High Schools

Floods and Natural Disasters

Act 076 (2009) allows Civil Defense to clear private streambeds at owner’s expense after owner fails to do so after notice

HB 505 and CIP Request appropriate funds for flood mitigation: Farrington Hwy between Maili & Nanakuli, and Lualualei Watershed (Puuhulu Stream and Paakea/Hakimo Road areas)


Contraflow Lane during morning and afternoon rush hour using continuous turn lane between Nanakuli & Haleakala Avenues (CIP Request)

SB 1119 correct existing legislation regarding disabled parking placards

. resolution to study possible routes, including Kolekole Pass, for Mauka Highway

Children & Families

SB 105 allow property owner to designate beneficiaries on death without probate or will

SB 935 (“Rainy Day Fund Bill”) appropriate $$ for health & human services programs, including $332,000 for Wai’anae Comprehensive Community Health Ctr emergency room

SB 1117/HB 1665 establishes guidelines for determining value of marital assets in divorce cases to protect interests of parties


SB 1490/HB 1130 repeal sunset date of Act 158 (’09) requiring condominium associations, planned community associations & cooperative housing associations to establish access policy for civil process servers

Pet-Friendly Shelters – add kennels and dog parks to existing homeless shelters to accomodate pets and comfort animals for residents

Energy & Environment

SB 107/HB 1577 proposed constitutional amendment relating to environmental rights to assist residents living near landfills and other environmental hazards

SB 1425/HB 1636 ban Waimanalo Gulch landfill from accepting municipal solid waste as of 2017

SCR56/SR30 requesting landfills to not accept municipal solid waste


SB 101/HB 1344 legalize traditional methods of pa’i ‘ai and poi preparation

HB 397 Requires more specificity in all concurrent resolutions for the review of proposed exchanges, sales, or gifts of state land, including whether the land was classed as government or crown lands prior to August 15, 1895. Requires a copy of the concurrent resolution be submitted to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs at least three months prior to the appropriate legislative session.

SCR 29/SR 10 resolution requesting support for delegates to Native Hawaiian Convention


SB 216/HB 136 make it a misdemeanor for parent or legal guardian who fails to exercise reasonable care, supervision, protection or control over a minor child

SB 217/HB 133 eliminate statute of limitations for child sex abuse civil suits

SB 106 require multiple terms of imprisonment to run concurrently unless consecutive terms are mandated by law or court order

SB 1424 create an offense of confinement of a dog by tethering and establishes fines

SB 1533 protect peacocks under law on cruelty to animals

Ocean & Beach Issues

SB 102/HB 1406 create new bargaining unit for emergency first responder medical personnel and water safety officers employed by the state or counties

SB 1025 expands offense against law enforcement officer to include assaults against firefighters and water safety officers


SB 279/HB 463 clarify workers’ compensation law relating to one-time consultations for diagnostic evaluation

SB 280/HB 465 require employer to submit report when denying worker compensation claim

SB 1118/HB 466 require independent medical examination in worker compensation cases to be performed by physicians mutually agreed upon by employees & employers

Court System

SB 1488/HB 1140 authorize default ruling against party to arbitration who fails to pay arbitration fees or costs

SB 1489/HB 1138 provide that attorney’s liens shall attach to judgments, decrees, orders & settlements & awards pursuant to court order or arbitration proceeding

SB 1491/HB 1139 clarify circumstances under which district court may serve summons or other writ outside the state

Economic Development

SB 1537 require competitive bidding on construction contracts for drilling & soil testing

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  1. Maile, I presently live in Las Vegas. I!ll be moving back soon. I formerly was the owner of Miles Bake Shop in Hawaii and Las Vegas. I was wondering if you would be able to help with business programs in the Waianae coast.
    Thank you
    Dennis Dumancas


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