NEEDED: Towels, Blankets and Sheets

From: WNP BFC []
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 11:41 AM
Subject: NEEDED: Towels, Blankets and Sheets

Aloha All (Shout out to our Wai’anae Coast residents and/or those that work out on the Wai’anae Coast),

We have had a couple of calls from families this morning who were flooded overnight.  They had asked if we had any towels, blankets and sheets in our donation area of our office.  Instinctively, last night they tried to control the leaks and flooding with everything extra (if they had it) in the linen closet to soak up the endless water; in making every attempt to save the couches, carpet, dressers and mattresses.

Many of our families do not have “renters” insurance and it may take them several months to rebound from last night’s torrential rain.  Trying to replace all the items used to save their possessions; including all the kids clothing that inadvertently is now soaked.

One of our families called her landlord, who told her that he is unable to do any repairs “until the sun comes out”; this single parent mom, of three kids, has to deal with it until then.  The fire department was able to help put up tarps early this morning to hopefully avoid the next bout of rain, but the damage is done, she has no dry/clean towels, blankets and sheets (and some of them are muddy).  She also requested for kids clothes sizes 2T, 5 & 6, all the kids clothes in the baskets were wet and soiled.

So…if you can help, please feel free to drop off any items at our Wai’anae Neighborhood Place office located on Mill Street, next to Sunflower apartments.  Call for directions…696-4598.

Mahalo for your time,

ADDENDUM 14 Jan 2011
From: WNP BFC []
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2011 11:56 AM

Mahalo Everyone!!!!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude…

The e-mail sent about 24 hours ago spread like “wild fire”….mahalo to all of you who responded and donated items. Also, mahalo to all of you who responded and offered to donate items and to those of you who called family and friends or forwarded the email to your contacts.

We received such a huge response and as an update for the single mom, I dropped off towels, blankets, a sheet and clothes for the children last night. She was so overwhelmed. We have several more donations coming in today and scheduled two for next week, these donations should provide her with everything she requested for.

SO – – MAHALO everyone for pulling together and providing these necessities that we often take for granted.

Please remember, if you forwarded the initial email, please forward this one too. It just amazes me how much we can do, in a short period of time…when we do it together (especially in an emergency situation).

My sincerest appreciation to you. If you’d like general information about donating items, please feel free to contact me via email or phone 696-4598.

Mahalo again,
Ka Wahi Kaiaulu-Wai’anae Neighborhood Place
Hale Na’au Pono


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