Update Re: Liquor License for Ono Polynesian Inc.

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The Wai`anae Neighborhood Board voted against granting a liquor license to Ono Polynesian Market during its December 2010 meeting due to concerns regarding the promotion of using alcohol and cigarettes in our community.  Board and community members stated that our Coastline already has at least 30 businesses with liquor licenses, and therefore does not need any more.

The Liquor Commission held a hearing regarding Ono Polynesian Market’s liquor license application on 1/6/11, and here is a report on the results of the hearing from Wai`anae Neighborhood Board chair Jo Jordan:

“I attended the Liquor License hearing for Ono Polynesian market on Jan 6th, and the Liquor Commissions ruling was to allow the issuance of the liquor license but with a condition on the license, they are only allowed to sell alcoholic beverages between the hours of 6am to 5pm.  Normally these licenses are allowed to sell between the hours of 6am to 12pm.  The Commission had to go into executive session after testimony to render a decision, and they received over 129 testimonies against the application and none for.”