Legislative Update

Aloha!  I am very excited about having the opportunity to represent Senate District 21 at the Capitol.  Former Senate President and current Congresswoman-elect Colleen Hanabusa has been a great mentor to me for these past 8 years, and I hope to continue her legacy of fighting for the Wai`anae Coast. 

Some of the bills I am working on include:

  • legalizing traditional forms of food preparation for commercial sale;
  • protecting lifeguards from assault;
  • allowing homeowners to designate beneficiaries on property deeds;
  • holding certain parents criminally responsible when their children commit crimes;
  • exempting disabled veterans from having to pay vehicle registration fees;
  • exempting retirement, life insurance, and health/college savings accounts from welfare asset limit requirements;
  • eliminating the statute of limitations for filing civil suits against perpetrators of sexual assault;
  • enhancing DLNR officers’ ability to forfeit property of those who fail to abide by laws which protect our natural resources;
  • obtaining funds to air condition our schools; and
  • creating the E Ala voyaging canoe Ocean Education Center at Wai`anae Boat Harbor (see more information about this project at this link – https://21maile.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/e-ala-voyaging-canoe-closer-to-coming-home/).

“Opening Day” of the Legislature is always the 3rd Wednesday in January, and it falls on January 19 this year.  The public is invited to visit my office that day for refreshments.  I will be serving as Vice-Chair of the Judiciary and Labor Committee, and as a member of the Water, Land and Housing; Agriculture; and Health Committees.  My office is room 223, and my contact numbers are 586-7793 (phone) and 586-7797 (fax).  You can email at maileshimabukuro@yahoo.com.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Maile on the Senate appointment. The Hawaii State Senate, Hawaii State Government as a whole, the people of the 21st District, and all of us through-out the State – we will all be better off as a result. Thank you so much for being willing to serve and for the sacrifices you make on behalf of our community. All the best to you. gh


  2. Thank you for all you do Maile.
    Am especially grateful that you are working on the bill to eliminate the statutes of limitations for filing civil suits against perpetrators of sexual assault and the other bills you mention above.
    We are fortunate to have you serve.


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