Holiday Gifts for Him or Her: Fashion with Mana`o (Wai`anae Girl Does Good!)

Kealopiko is a clothing line created by three ladies, Hina, Jamie, and Ane (pictured). [Note: Ane Bakutis, kneeling on the far right, grew up in Wai`anae]. The designs on the clothing are things from the natural, cultural, and historical traditions of Hawaii: our native plants and animals, olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian language), our alii (royalty) and the long and amazing moolelo (story) of our existence in these islands. When designing their clothing, the Kealopiko team searches out elements of the past and the present that help people connect to the islands and give them a sense of all things Hawaiian.

The latest Makahiki line and the Hilu line (Kealopiko’s line of keiki clothing) are now available on their website. Ordering from their website is easy and fast, so please check them out on the Internet. Also, the remaining shirts and designs from their first lines (that are being phased out) are often available online. So, if you are looking for an older design, chances are you can find it online.

Not only do they make clothing that is comfortable, beautiful and truly represents Hawaii, part of Kealopiko’s mission is to give back to the place they are so thankful to be from. They do this by donating a portion of their profits to organizations that support cultural education and environmental conservation in Hawaii.

Be sure to check them out!
Phone: 808.216.9229
*For specific dates & store locations that carry Kealopiko, please
check out the “events” page on their website.

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