Hawaii Housing Alliance

The Hawaii Housing Alliance creates and supports healthy, safe, and stable communities for children, families, and workers by advocating for homes that are affordable. We conduct research, educate communities, business leaders, and policy makers, and advocate for homes our workers can afford. Our mission is important to every person living in Hawaii, and particularly those who have families and children they want to see stay in Hawaii and raise their own families.

However, our mission is also important to you. Affordable housing is a key component to solving Hawaii’s homeless crisis. The downturn of Hawaii’s economy and construction industry has caused many of our working families to find themselves suddenly homeless as a result of falling behind in rent or losing their home due to foreclosure. The working homeless, and homeless families are just two of the kinds of people we find on our streets these days.

There are also mentally ill people who have lost their medication and mental health services due to cuts and eliminations of state programs who now find themselves on the street, unable to receive the health care and medication that enabled them to be employed and live productive, independent lives.

I believe the Hawaii Housing Alliance is a resource that could benefit your organization and help you accomplish your mission because of our common interests in housing Hawaii’s people. Won’t you become a member of our online community for free?

Please take a few minutes to visit http://www.hawaiihousingalliance.com and fill out the online form. Joining the movement of the Alliance will grow attention to the issue of homeless and affordable housing, and help us educate our communities, business leaders, and policy makers on the true issues of homelessness, affordable housing, and viable solutions.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at nani@hawaiihousingalliance.com.


Nani Medeiros
Managing Director
Hawaii Housing Alliance

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