Camp permits not for homes


Camping permits at city parks are intended for people occasionally pitching tents, but many of Oahu’s 4,000 homeless have found them to be long-term residences. The growing problem should pressure the city to find other “safe zones” for the homeless so city beach parks can return to their intended use by residents as places to relax.

Camping permits are free to the public year-round from Friday morning until the following Wednesday morning at more than a dozen beach parks on Oahu. Homeless people have found they are able to pitch their tents as their sleeping place for six days of the week at no cost at city parks, having learned how to obtain permits for Waianae Coast beaches at Kapolei Hale. Continue reading

Hawaii Housing Alliance

The Hawaii Housing Alliance creates and supports healthy, safe, and stable communities for children, families, and workers by advocating for homes that are affordable. We conduct research, educate communities, business leaders, and policy makers, and advocate for homes our workers can afford. Our mission is important to every person living in Hawaii, and particularly those who have families and children they want to see stay in Hawaii and raise their own families.

However, our mission is also important to you. Affordable housing is a key component to solving Hawaii’s homeless crisis. The downturn of Hawaii’s economy and construction industry has caused many of our working families to find themselves suddenly homeless as a result of falling behind in rent or losing their home due to foreclosure. The working homeless, and homeless families are just two of the kinds of people we find on our streets these days. Continue reading

Health Care Reform: Pre-Existing Insurance Plan in Hawai`i


I would like to share information that could help uninsured individuals who have a pre-existing condition.

Rather than establish a state plan, Hawai`i joined the federal government’s high-risk pool. Information on eligibility and how to apply are at:

This link has more details about “Health Care Reform and Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions”:

Please spread the word so people who can benefit from this new health insurance program apply as soon as possible!

Hawai`i Covering Kids

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” (FDR)

Read Aloud America Program

RAP is back to Waianae!

Aloha Waianae Readers!

First I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the new volunteer coordinator here at Read Aloud America. I hope you are all still interested in RAP and promoting literacy. I’m looking forward to our upcoming semester but I need your help.

RAP will be back to your area this Spring! Let me know if you are interested in reading. Also if you know anyone who would like to become a volunteer reader, Please have them register online on our website. Please remember that our volunteers commit to all six sessions at our Read Aloud Program. Continue reading

December Leeward CC Newsletter

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Kamuela Enos of MA`O Farm featured in OHA’s monthly newsletter

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Health Officials Restrict Poi Pioneer – Honolulu News Story – KITV Honolulu

Health Officials Restrict Poi Pioneer – Honolulu News Story – KITV Honolulu

`Ōlelo Wai’anae Donations


We wanted to let you know that we will be launching the opportunity for the community to make donations to ‘Olelo on the home page of our web site today. The tax deductable donations will be via PayPal. In addition to the Donate tab on our home page, beginning December 10, you will also notice Donate links on ‘OleloNet pages.

While this is a first for ‘Olelo, many other PEG Access organizations across the country, including others in Hawaii, have been accepting online contributions for quite some time.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Keali`i Lopez
President and CEO
‘Olelo Community Media

DOT response to safety issue on Farrington Highway fronting Makaha Surfside

Aloha Representative Shimabukuro,

Thank you for your letter and concern regarding this site of the November 2nd fatality.

By copy of this email to Edwin Sniffen, Highway’s Administrator, I am asking him to review your email and see if any action can be taken to add a crosswalk or propose another solution that addresses ongoing safety concerns. I appreciate your suggestion that legislative funding might assist and Ed can comment on that as well.

Best regards,

Mike Formby