Leeward Coast Urged to Conserve Water Today (Dec 16)

Leeward coast residents urged to conserve water
Star-Advertiser, 16 Dec. 2010

Leeward coast residents from Honokai Hale to Makaha are being asked to conserve water today.

Kurt Tsue, the Board of Water Supply spokesman, said the main 24-inch transmission line, which provides water to all of the Leeward coast, is shut down as crews repair a leak.

“We’re asking for conservation because its the main pipeline that transmits water to the reservoirs,” Tsue said.

Water is still getting to the reservoirs through smaller, alternate pipes. But if people use too much water, there’s a chance the water will run out, Tsue said.

The leak was discovered near the Kahe Power Plant at about midnight, Tsue said. The water main is shut off until the repairs are completed — probably sometime this afternoon.

He said the main is off the highway and repairs are not affecting traffic.

Tsue said there may be a need to conserve water even after the main is fixed to give the reservoirs a chance to re-charge.

Tsue said the Board of Water Supply will make an announcement when the need for conservation is over.