Bradah Mel’s Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing Championships at Makaha Beach – a Memorial for the late Leighton Look

Pictured: Bradah Mel Puu, Waterman

My name is Bradah Mel Puu. I’m a Surfer, Canoe Paddler, and a Lifeguard for the City & County of Honolulu since 1982. For the past five years I have held a surfing event at Makaha Beach as a fundraiser for a friend of mine Mr. Leighton Look, who was paralyzed in a diving accident. Sadly he passed away on September 25th 2008. It has now turned in to a memorial event for Leighton, and it is my hope to keep his legacy and his kind nature alive in our hearts and minds.

This year, as it was done last year the proceeds will be given to two of Hawaii’s Olympic hopefuls, Patrick and Ryan Dolan. Patrick has been on the U.S. Olympic Kayak team for a few years now and his younger brother for two years. Their goal is to do well in the single and two person kayak event at the nationals as well as over-sea’s and reach the 2012 Olympics. With the Olympic funding cut-off last year and limited funding this year, Patrick and Ryan along with their mom Anne has to do most of the fundraising on their own, and it hasn’t been easy. I know whatever we are able to raise will be greatly appreciated. The event attracts the best paddlers and surfers from Tahiti, Brazil, France, as well as the U.S. and Hawaii. It has two divisions, Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing. If you have ever seen Canoe Surfing before then you know that it’s one of the most exciting water sport ever. And Stand-Up Surfing or SUP is the fastest growing art of surfing since boogie boards!

I understand that times are tight and it is hard to give a lot, but we will try our best to assist them too reach their goals of the 2012 Olympic Games. We are asking for any amount of cash donations, or any type of donations possible. We will be holding a Raffle drawing at the event so a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, a boogie board, surf board, or whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated. But the goal is to raise money for the boys to get to their competitions, and then to the 2012 Olympics. I thank you so much for spending the time to read my letter and hope that you can join us at Makaha for this year’s event.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Bradah Mel Puu
P.O.Box 1006 Waianae Hi. 96792
ph.# 808-478-9086

Contest dates; December 4th & 5th 2010
Alternate dates; December 11th & 12th 2010

Checks payable to; HASA (Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association)

Free Foreclosure Prevention Services to HI Residents

FYI, the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center is a federally-funded, HUD-approved, non-profit organization that provides FREE foreclosure prevention services to all Hawaii residents. Here’s their contact information:

Hawaii HomeOwnership Center
1259 Aala Street, #201, Honolulu, Hawaii96817
Tel (808) 523-9500
Fax (808) 523-9502
Toll-free: 877-523-9503

Correspondence regarding Kauai and BigIsland (Kona, Hilo) are directed to Oahu.


Ms. Kehau Yap
Office of Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono
5104 Prince Kuhio Federal Building, Honolulu,Hawaii 96850
Oahu (808) 541-1986 · Fax (808) 538-0233
Direct from the Neighbor Islands:
Kaua‘i & Ni‘ihau 245-1951 · Maui 242-1818 · Moloka‘i 552-0160 · Lāna‘i 565-7199 · Hawai‘iIsland 935-3756

Constituent Brooks Outland Letter to the Editor

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Travel costs not paid fast enough

I am a 77-year-old, 100- percent-disabled veteran entitled to beneficiary travel reimbursement for my trips to the Spark M. Matsunaga Veterans Administration clinic.

I must travel to the clinic at least once every month. Instead of receiving payment of travel claims on the same day as appointments, VA patients must wait seven to 10 weeks or longer to receive payment.

The reimbursement payment for my July 15 trip has not yet been received. Many patients need quick payment in order to afford their trips to the clinic.

The Pacific Islands Health Care System must change this unfair procedure to better serve its patients.

Brooks Outland

Leeward CC-W October Newsletter

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To: All Partners, Guests, Members and Staff

Fr: Kanani Kaaiawahia B. on behalf of the BAHA Planning Committee

Aloha all,

As most of you have been preparing to join us on Oct. 29th (Friday) to celebrate the 4th Annual BAHA with Waianae Community Outreach, I on behalf of the planning committee have been asked to let you all know that we have POSTPONED the BAHA for 10/29/10. It has been RESCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 12, 2010 (Friday) same time, place and program.

This change has come about due to several reasons:

Governor’s change in schedule prevents her to attend 10/29/10. This event was planned with her presence in mind;

Most of the Leeward Shelter providers have activities planned for their programs which prevent them from joining us. This event was also planned with the participation of the providers;

The management team of WCO would be given more time for the preparation of this event.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. Forgive us and please mark your calendar well in advance to joining us. Your presence along with the others will make this a memorable event.

You will receive a follow up call or email to this memo and to confirm your attendance on Nov. 12, 2010, 5:30pm HOPE shelter at Onelau’ena in Kalaeloa.


Waianae SCP Final Community Meeting

Aloha All-
The Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan (2010) is finalized and ready to go forward, through the City approval process. It can be accessed at the DPP website:

The Final Community Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 7pm at St. Philips Church (on St. John’s Road). The attached flyer contains a summary of this info if you want to pass it along or post it.

The meeting will including an overview of the revisions to the WSCP, both from the 2000 version, as well as changes since the Public Review Draft of October 2008. We will also be presenting the steps of the approval process for those who would like to follow the process and/or give public testimony.


Harmonee T. Williams
Markline LLC


Ever hate walking into a voting booth and then trying to figure out how to answer a yes/no question that you know must be important because it will change the State Constitution or City Charter? Haven’t you ever thought, gee, I wish someone told me what the questions were way ahead of time?

Well, HERE are the questions.

Just a small public service from me, Gordon Yang, Attorney At Law. Please feel free to pass this on to others and create a small public service of your own.

Please also note, my professional mission of helping clients achieve the American Dream is expanding. I now offer legal services to select small businesses. If anyone you know has an immigration or small business legal question, please let them know I offer free 10-15 minute telephonic consultations. My phone number is below.

Oh, if you’re wondering, “how’d Gordon get the ballot?” Via permanent absentee voting request. From now until I opt out in writing, I will be mailed the ballot ahead of time and have time to read the questions, research the options, and make informed decisions. Why not do that too?

Aloha and vote well,

Helping Clients achieve the American Dream
through U.S. Immigration and Small Business

Gordon Yang, Attorney at Law
American Savings Bank Building
94-229 Waipahu Depot Road, Suite 204
Waipahu, HI 96797

Tel: 808-628-9529 808-NATZ-LAW
Fax: 808-628-9993

Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association

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