Wai`anae Hawaiian Civic Club Hosts Successful 75th Anniversary Celebration, Raises $1,000 for NPAC, and Debuts E Ala Voyaging Canoe Video!

Congratulations to the Wai`anae Hawaiian Civic Club (WHCC) for hosting a successful 75th Anniversary luncheon on 8/28/10 at Makaha Resort.

The Nanakuli High and Intermediate Performing Arts Center (NPAC) performed at the event, and attendees donated $1,000 to support NPAC’s goal of traveling to Scotland! (For more information about NPAC’s fundraiser, visit http://www.nhispac.com).

Another highlight was the debut of a video featuring the E Ala voyaging canoe, and the showing of another video telling the proud history of the Wai`anae Coast. The videos were produced by Sam Kapoi, Nick Smith, and others from Makaha Studios. (For more information about the E Ala, email Captain Sam Kapoi at ealawaianae@gmail.com).

To support the excellent work of the Wai`anae Hawaiian Civic Club, contact Mele Worthington for more information (see letter attached below).

Click on the photo to zoom in.

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