Searider Productions Hosts Neighbor Island Students, Launches Digital Media Program!

Timothy “Ku`i” Bradley (SP student), posing with SP director Candy Suiso. Ku`i and Maile are related through their grandmothers.

Timothy Bradley, Chanel Deponte, Jordan Wu, and Chanel Keaulana placed 2nd in the HMSA Teen Video Awards Contest for their video “Smoking Will Kill You.”
Maile visited Wai`anae High’s Searider Productions on 6/18/10, the last day they were hosting students from Kaua`i and Maui. Maile got to meet their special guest, a cameraman from CBS, as well as several students and teachers. Maile also got to visit the new Searider Productions Digital Media Program, where she shot a short video (see below).

Maile’s Video of the SP Digital Media program:
Click here or go to the link below to visit the Searider Productions website:
Click here or go to the link below to view a WHS video regarding the Digital Media Program:


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