Hawaiian Immersion Summer School ~ "Ke Kula Kaiapuni Kauwela o Nanakuli"

Aloha kakou,

If you didn’t already know, Nanakuli will still have our Hawaiian Immersion Summer School at Nanakuli Elementary. Please pass the word as we’re trying to get at least 50 haumana to ensure 2 full kumu. New haumana are always welcome.

Nanakuli (like other Kaiapuni sites) comes under Anuenue, so you won’t find it on the DOE summer school list (per se).

Approximate dates are 2 Jun – 1 July, with three Holiday/Furlough days.

Tuition is $160, BUT many of us apply for and RECEIVE tuition scholarships from Alu Like (http://www.alulike.org/services/kaipu_hana.html).

Even though we transferred our keiki wahine to Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Waiau, we still like to send our girls to Nanakuli because:
1. It helps to further and maintain their ‘olelo Hawaii. But, non-immersion haumana also attend, so English is spoken ensuring that all haumana progress together.
2. It provides a cultural focus, I especially liked the year they learned about the wa’a (from tree protocol to canoe building & completion via their own textbook).
3. They establish & maintain friendships with other Waianae Coast keiki.
4. I like & appreciate the staff that continue to come to our Coast, enduring and overcoming the challenges and obstacles presented annually.
5. We need to maintain the Hawaiian Immersion presence at Nanakuli Elemtary, despite all of the problems.
6. Its closer & easier for us to chauffeur them.

So, join us and enroll your keiki/moopuna/’ohana. Feel free to forward this email to other interested ‘ohana & hoa. Also, contact Kaui Keola to receive more information on the kula & registration.

For more info, email: dkapua@hawaii.rr.com

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