Legislative Update

Here is an updated list of the measures I am supporting:

. HB 200 HD1 SD2 CD1(2009) and HB 2200 (2010), the state budget, has $3 mil for land, design & construction for LCC/Wai’anae Educ. Ctr.; $24 mil for UH West Oahu
. HB 2486 sets a minimum number of instructional hours per school year for each grade
. SB 2124 appropriates $$ from Hurricane Relief Fund to restore remaining school
instructional days for 2009-’10 & 2010-’11 school years
. SB 2589 requires DOE to make available vacant school facilities for charter school use
. SB 2797 extends VEBA —a health plan for public school teachers—to July 1, 2012

Health & Human Services
. HB 1642 specifies that proposals for purchases of health & human services must be submitted by licensed providers and for exact amount to be expended by the state
. HB 2085 (SB 2099) sets limits on requests for proposals from providers for QUEST contracts exceeding $100 mil & commencing after agency director’s terms expires
. HB 2208 requires health insurers to promptly pay claims for Medicaid services
. SB 2368 permits family court to allow visitation to grandparents if denial would cause significant harm to the child
. SB 2469 appropriates funds from Emergency & Budget Reserve Fund (“Rainy Day”) for Wai’anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC), Legal Aid Society of HI, & others
. SB 1309 appropriates funds for emergency services at WCCHC
. HCR 176/HR 111(SCR178/SR79) urges Hawaii Health Systems Corp hospitals & clinics to accept medical student rotations from programs based at WCCHC and UH.
. HCR 179/HR114 (SCR 179/SR80) requests development of proposed legislation mandating size & extent of a managed care plan’s specialty network

. Congressional appropriations for FY’10, as submitted by Rep. Mazie Hirono, include funding for Maili Self-Help Housing
. HB 2132 (SB 2472) requires notice of intent to foreclosure that includes notice of availability of mortgage counseling.
. SB 2799 allows property owner to name beneficiaries on death without probate or will
. HCR 261/HR189 (SCR204/SR103) requests Hawaii Public Housing Authority to let occupant facing eviction from state-funded homeless shelter to remain pending appeal
. HCR 262 (SCR 206) requests establishment of Wai’anae Coast Homelessness Task Force to develop a comprehensive plan to address needs of homeless

Energy & Environment
. HB 1808 requires maintenance of beach accesses by adjacent landowners & imposes penalties for noncompliance; establishes shoreline access policy
. HB 2239 ends exemption for dietary supplements in deposit beverage container law
. HB 2421 provides initiatives & funds to promote energy and food self-sufficiency
. HB 2642 (SB 2809) appropriates funds to reorganize the Public Utilities Commission & Division of Consumer Advocacy, helping state transition to clean energy economy
. HB 2643 establishes clean energy loan program for energy efficiency improvements on residential & commercial properties
. HB 2644 applies solid waste disposal surcharge to waste that is shipped out-of-state
. SB 2231 exempts electric vehicles & vehicle charging systems from general excise tax
. SB 2259 requires businesses to hand out only reusable or biodegradable checkout bags

Consumer Protection
. HB 2921(SB 2837) revises requirements for licensing electricians and plumbers
. SB 707 lets Director of Commerce & Consumer Affairs designate an access organization to oversee public, educational & governmental channels on cable television

. HB 674 amends operating budget of OHA & DHHL by requiring funding for Ho`okulaiwi
. HB 1818 requires Dept of Public Safety to establish a reintegration pilot program that combines cognitive behavioral theory with Native Hawaiian holistic interventions
. HB 2832 authorizes OHA to seek funds for projects that increase cultivation of taro

Public Safety
. HB 1987 establishes cause of action to abate illegal purchasing, selling, possession & setting off of fireworks; increases penalties for illegal use
. SB 2045 establishes class A, B & C felony sexual human trafficking and labor trafficking offenses and provides for prosecution of offenses
. SB 2183, relating to domestic abuse, allows a temporary restraining order to remain in effect for 90 days or until protective order is served
. SB 2249 makes it a Class C felony to assault an on-duty water safety officer

. HB 2200 HD1 (Budget) includes $12.5 mil for construction on Farrington Hwy for congestion relief and safety improvements between Honokai Hale and Hakimo Rd; $3.5 million for replacement of bridges on Farrington Hwy near Makaha Beach Park
. Federal Stimulus Funds $1.5 mil for dredging Wai’anae Small Boat Harbor channel

. SB 2780 protects agriculturally suitable lands on Oahu (includes Ho’opili & Koa Ridge); provides for mandatory extension of agricultural leases

Economic Development
. HB 2382 establishes digital media enterprise subzones surrounding UH campuses and gives tax benefits for developing infrastructure within these zones

Capital Improvements
HB 1640 (2009) provides for funding of numerous school, health, transportation and recreational projects in House District 45 (Wai’anae/Makaha/Makua)
HB 2616 (2010) funds the following District 45 projects: Farrington Hwy drainage improvements near Orange St., Makaha ($3.5 mil … also in budget bill, HB 2200 HD1); E Ala Voyaging Canoe Education Ctr ($3 mil); UH West Oahu Phase I construct ($3 mil)


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