Legislative Update


Here is an update on bills of concern to constituents and community groups. I continue to serve as Vice-Chair of the Hawaiian Affairs Committee, and I am a member of the Health, Human Services, Education, & Higher Education Committees.


. HB 200 HD1 SD2 CD1(2009) and HB 2200 (2010), the state budget, includes $3 mil

for plans, land, design, construction & equipment for LCC/Wai’anae Education center

. SB 2797 extends Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association trusts—a health plan for public school teachers—to July 1, 2012

Health & Human Services

. HB 1366 (SB 1310) establishes a medical home healthcare demonstration project for

Wai’anae and Waimanalo areas

. HB 1642 specifies that proposals for purchases of health & human services must be

submitted by licensed providers and for exact amount to be expended by the state

. HB 2085 (SB 2099) sets limits on requests for proposals from providers for QUEST contracts exceeding $100 mil & commencing after agency director’s terms expires

. SB 2469 appropriates funds from Emergency & Budget Reserve Fund (“Rainy

Day”) for Wai’anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center


. Congressional appropriations for FY’10, as submitted by Rep. Mazie Hirono, include

funding for two Wai’anae Coast projects: $100,000 each for Habitat for

Humanity’s Kaukamana Hale 25-unit Self-Help Bldg Proj & Maili Self-Help Housing

. HB 2895 lets homeowner force court supervised foreclosure if non-judicial

foreclosure is successfully appealed due to unfair sales price

. SB 2799 allows property owner to name beneficiaries on death without probate or will

Energy & Environment

. HB 2125 requires businesses to collect an offset fee for each plastic or paper

disposable checkout bag distributed to costumers

. SB 2012 prohibits City &Co. of Honolulu landfills from accepting municipal solid

waste as of 7/1/12, and other counties after date set by county council resolution

Consumer Protection

. HB 2921 revises minimum requirements for licensing electricians and plumbers


. HB 1818 requires Dept of Public Safety to establish a reintegration pilot program that combines cognitive behavioral theory with Native Hawaiian holistic interventions

. HB 1965 requires an archaeological survey prior to the sale or long-term lease of an undeveloped property in the state

. HB 2672 resolves claims and disputes relating to the portion of income and proceeds from the lands of the public land trust for use by OHA between 11/7/78 and 7/1/08

Public Safety

. HB 1940 (SB 2045) establishes class A, B & C felony sexual human trafficking and labor trafficking offenses and provides for prosecution of offenses

. HB 2389 (SB 2249) makes it a Class C felony to assault a water safety officer who is engaged in the performance of a duty

. HB 2390 (SB 2894) eliminates statute of limitations for child sex abuse prosecutions


. HB 200 HD1 SD1 CD1 (Budget) includes $7.5 mil for construction on Farrington Hwy

for congestion relief and safety improvements between Honokai Hale and Hakimo Rd;

$3.5 million for replacement of bridges on Farrington Hwy near Makaha Beach Park

. Federal Stimulus Funds provide $1.5 mil for dredging entrance channel to Wai’anae

Small Boat Harbor


. SB 2780 protects agriculturally suitable lands on Oahu (includes Ho’opili & Koa

Ridge); provides for mandatory extension of agricultural leases

. SB 2781 allows designation of important agricultural lands by the Legislature

Economic Development

. HB 2382 establishes digital media enterprise subzones surrounding UH campuses and

gives tax benefits for developing infrastructure within these zones

Capital Improvements

HB 1640 (2009) provides for funding of numerous school, health, transportation and recreational projects in House District 45 (Wai’anae/Makaha/Makua)

HB 2616 (2010) funds the following District 45 projects: Farrington Hwy drainage improvements near Orange St., Makaha ($3.6 mil); E Ala Voyaing Canoe Education Center ($3 mil); UH West Oahu Phase I construction ($3 mil)