Your Opinion Sought Regarding Gaming on Hawaiian Homestead Land

Maile is seeking your feedback regarding HB 2759, which is moving through the Legislature. In summary, the bill “Authorizes the Hawaiian Homes Commission to allow gaming on Hawaiian Home Lands and to designate specific Hawaiian Home Lands parcels for the purposes of establishing casino gaming operations. Creates the Hawaii Gaming Commission to regulate casino gaming operations. Imposes a wagering tax on gross receipts of casino gaming operations and provides for distribution to the general fund and Hawaiian Home Lands Trust Fund. (HB2759 HD1).”

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Here is some background information about funding the Legislature has historically provided to DHHL and its beneficiaries:

Hi Representative,

We appropriated $80M in GO bonds for the “Hawaiian Home Lands trust fund” for FB 08-09. This money is part of the Hawaiian Home Lands settlement from back in 1995, for which the Legislature has to annually appropriate a minimum of $30 million per year into the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust Fund until about 2014. I’m not exactly sure at this point what the status of this money is, but the settlement was established to resolve all claims against the State relating to the Hawaiian Homes trust fund from before Statehood until about 1988. If you’d like to read the full settlement, it’s in Act 14 of Special Session 1995.

In the CIP budget, past funding for the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust Fund (BUF101) is as follows:

FY06 — $30M
FY07 — $30M
FY08 — $50M
FY09 — $30M

Other than that, for FY09 we gave $100M in Revenue Bonds for Hawaiian Homelands Development (HHL602). This money will be used for infrastructure development on various homesteads and distributed statewide. A breakout detailing exactly where this money will go is attached for your information.

Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association did receive GIAs in 06, 08 & 09, but because of their non-profit status they can’t really receive any other direct funding from the state. If they do provide construction services, they could try to get some of the contracts via the RFP process when DHHL goes out to bid. They’d have to go directly through the department for this.

Please let me know if there are any further questions.


Puna Chai
CIP Specialist
House Committee on Finance
Main: 586-6200