Maile’s Bills Introduced – 2010 Legislative Session

Representative Maile Shimabukuro
Bills Introduced – 2010 Legislative Session

HB 2282/SB 2893 (HLT,EDN; HTH/EDH,WAM)
Restricts public schools from serving foods containing artificial trans fat

HB 2386/SB 2012 (EEP/WLO,JUD; ENE/TIA)
Prohibits landfills in C&C of Honolulu from accepting municipal solid waste as of 7/1/12; prohibits other counties from accepting waste after date set by county council resolution

HB 2387/SB 2799 (WLO,JUD; CPN,JGO)
Allows owner of real property to designate beneficiaries on death of owner without probate or will

HB 2388/SB 2895 (WLO,JUD; WTL,JGO)
Deletes “one gallon per person per day” exception to prohibition of removal of beach sand and other minerals

HB 2389/SB 2249 (WLO,JUD; JGO)
Makes it a Class C felony to assault a water safety officer who is engaged in performance of duty

HB 2390/SB 2894 (JUD; JGO)
Eliminates statute of limitations for child sex abuse prosecutions

HB 2615/SB 2065 (EDN,FIN; EDH,WAM)
Appropriates $___ for Hawaiian language medium charter school on Leeward Coast of Oahu

HB 2616 (FIN)
District 45 Capital Improvement Projects:
Farrington Highway Drainage Improvements near Orange St., Makaha ($3.6 million);
E Ala Voyaging Canoe Educ Ctr ($3 mil)
UH West Oahu Phase I construction ($3 mil)

(many other District 45 CIP projects are in HB 1640—introduced in 2009 session)

Creates collective bargaining unit for state and county emergency first responder medical personnel and water safety officers

HB 2895/SB 2892 (HSG,JUD; CPN,JGO)
Lets homeowner force court supervised foreclosure if non-judicial foreclosure is successfully appealed due to unfair sales price

** Two bills held over from 2009 and hopefully slated for action soon are:

HB 1642 HD1 SD1 specifies that proposals for purchases of health and human services must be submitted by licensed providers and for exact amount to be expended by the state

SB 1310 SD2 establishes a medical home healthcare demonstration project for Wai’anae and Waimanalo areas


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