Advisory from Honolulu Board of Water Supply


The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) is asking all residents from Honokai Hale to Makaha to please conserve water overnight on Friday, December 4th between 7 p.m. and 9 a.m., as crews work to replace a broken valve.
The BWS will fill reservoirs along the Leeward Coast before the closure so that customers will continue to have water service. However, the 24-inch water main that brings approximately 60 percent of the water to the Leeward Coast will not be in service while crews are making the repair. Therefore, the BWS asks all residents to use water sparingly and for priority needs only during this time. This means using water for cooking, drinking and personal hygiene.

Homeless Christmas Outreach and Beach Clean-Up on 12/19/09


This is to let my family and friends know that Young’s Island Gem Production family, participants and parents has come together this year to help the many families that are houseless at Keaau Beach Park. Several Local Businesses has made donations of Food, Toys, and Miscellaneous items to be distributed to where our group feels that are in need, so we have chosen all of the families that reside at Keaau beach park. Unfortunately, there are some items that may not be easy to obtain. We are asking you if you would like to make a donation. Before I give you a list, I think this is an important family that I think we should help to meet their need.

This is their story: Both husband and wife worked and made only enough to pay the rent and utilities. But they could no longer afford the rent because the landlord had raised to rent to where they had to make choices that would eventually send them to living on the beach. Here is the thing, the husband has a medical condition that requires him to have an oxygen machine to help him breathe at night. Without this machine he can die. I am asking if someone can help me to acquire a genrator that will help for the husband to use at night. Please help!

Here is a list of other items that we are not able to obtain:
Tarps, outdoors stove, coolers, ropes, lights/lanterns, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, tent (smal/big), pots, etc.

Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Everything will be distributed out on December 19. 2009 from 9am – 12pm a Keaau Beach Park fronting the second bathroom.

Please make it a season of giving. Happy Holidays!!

Young’s Island Gem Production – Leslie Young

[Note from Maile: Wai`anae Community Outreach is also organizing a beach clean-up and Christmas event on 12/19/09 for the homeless. For more information, call 696-5667.]