Maile Goes "Over the Edge" for Special Olympics HI!

Rep. Shimabukuro has volunteered to rappel down 40+ stories of the Sheraton Waikiki building to raise funds for Special Olympics HI.

If she can raise at least $1000, she will do the rappelling on 11/13/09.

To donate to this good cause, go to: , OR

— visit the Special Olympics Hawaii website,
— follow the Over the Edge link
— click “online fundraising page here,”
— and on the right you can either type in “Maile Shimabukuro,”
— or hit the “view all fundraising pages,” and then go to page 6.

For more information, you may also contact Lanny or Marianne Busher at

Bradah Mel’s Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing Championships

Steinlager, Quiksilver and Jamba Juice

presents the 5th annual
Bradah Mel’s Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing Championships

at Makaha Beach

a Memorial for the late Leighton Look

My name is Bradah Mel Puu. I’m Surfer, Canoe Paddler, and a Lifeguard for the City & County of Honolulu since 1982. For the past four years I have held a surfing event at Makaha Beach as a fundraiser for a friend of mine Mr. Leighton Look, who was paralyzed in a diving accident. Sadly he passed away on September 25th 2008. It has now turned in to a memorial event for Leighton, and it is my hope to keep his legacy and his kind nature alive in our hearts and minds.

This year the proceeds raised, will be given to two of Hawaii’s Olympic hopefull’s, Patrick and Ryan Dolan. Patrick has been on the U.S. Olympic Kayak team for a few years now and this year younger brother is there with him. There goal is to do well in the single and two person kayak event at the nationals as well as over-sea’s and reach the 2012 Olympics. With the Olympic funding cut-off this year, Patrick and Ryan along with their mom Ane has too do the fundraising on there own, and it hasn’t been easy. The event attracts the best paddlers and surfers from Tahiti, Brazil, France, as well as the U.S. and Hawaii. It has two divisions, Canoe Surfing and Stand-Up Surfing. If you have ever seen Canoe Surfing before then you know that it’s one of the most exciting water sport ever. And Stand-Up Surfing or SUP is the fastest growing art of surfing since boogie boards!

I understand that times are tight and it is hard to give alot so, we are asking for any type of donations possible. We will be holding a Raffle drawing at the event so a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, a boogie board, surf board, or what ever you can give would be greatly apprieciated. But the goal is to raise money for the boys to get to there competition, then to the 2012 Olympics. I thank you so much for spending the time to read my letter and hope that you can join us at Makaha for this years event.
Mahalo Nui Loa,
Bradah Mel Puu
P. O. Box 1006 Waianae, HI 96792
ph.# 808-478-9086
Contest dates: December 5th & 6th 2009
Alternate dates: December 12th & 13th 2009
Check’s payable to: Makaha Canoe Club

Nani `O Wai`anae 2009-2010 Calendar

Nani ‘O Wai’anae Calendar

*Times and Dates are subject to change.
November 7, 2009 Sat. Litter Free Veterans Day Parade – Nanakuli
November 28, 2009 Sat. Litter Free Christmas Parade
December 12, 2009 Sat. Wai’anae Coast Adopt-A-Highway
January 16, 2010, Sat. Ma’ili Point Clean-up and Planting
February 13, 2010 Sat. Wai’anae Stream Clean-up
March 2010 – May 2010 The Great American Clean-up
June 12, 2010 Sat. “Litter Bugs Me!” Clean-up
June 29 – July 7, 2010 National Beach Clean Up Week

For more information, contact Leslie Young,

Please see below for background information about Nani `O Wai`anae. Mahalo nui loa to Katy Kok for starting Nani O Wai`anae’s legacy.

1947-2008 Katy Kok’s Wai’anae focus put litter cleanup on radar

Article Title: 1947-2008 Katy Kok’s Wai’anae focus put litter cleanup on radar. To view the contents on, go to:

Click here for a related article.

Don’t let the flu catch you!

Flu season is already underway. It’s imperative that we have access to information at all times and remind family, friends and neighbors of what they can do to prevent the flu. Remember, prevention is the best offense, so take precautions, stay informed and do what you can to keep our community and ‘ohana healthy.

The flu is a the respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. It is not the common cold. Unlike the cold, the flu can cause severe illness and possibly life-threatening complications. The flu can weaken the immune system, leaving it vulnerable to more serious and dangerous infection.

The flu changes and adapts rapidly by genetically mutating according to the environment and the carrier. That is why the flu vaccine is updated annually to meet genetic changes or modification made to the virus. The most recognizable symptom of any type of flu is the presence of a fever.

The flu is a seasonal illness which peaks around November and continues through May. It is a highly transferable by touch and other kinds of contact such as coughing, sneezing, and even talking. The seasonal flu kills 30 – 40,000 people each year. Antibiotics do not cure the flu. Antiviral medicines (available from your doctor or health clinic) can lessen flu symptoms. Flu symptoms include fever and any of the following: coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, congestion and/or chills.

If you think that you may have the flu, you should not go to work or school. Stay home and contact your medical care provider who will direct you accordingly. Wash your hands frequently and cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue to help prevent the spread of the virus. Don’t forget to get yourself and your family vaccinated.

Seasonal flu vs. H1N1 flu virus

Who is impacted?
Symptoms of the two viruses are very similar, but the risk groups are not. Unlike the seasonal flu, the novel H1N1 flu has been infecting a higher rate of pregnant women, young children, and those between the ages of 6 months and 24 years. The infection rate is the lowest in people 65 years and older.

How many vaccinations?
Because the seasonal flu vaccine is unlikely to provide protection against 2009 H1N1 influenza, a 2009 H1N1 vaccine has been in production and is now available to first responders. The vaccine is expected to be available to the rest of the public in November. The 2009 H1N1 flu shot is intended to be used alongside the seasonal flu vaccine; it is NOT a replacement. Like the seasonal flu vaccine, getting an H1N1 vaccine is recommended, especially for target groups, but it is not mandatory.

You can get your seasonal flu shots from your medical care provider or at a number of flu shot community clinics offered by the State Department of Health in partnership with venue locations, HMSA and HMA. Go to to find a location near you. For the H1N1 vaccine, visit for more information.

8 tips to beat the bug:

1.) Get vaccinated
2.) Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue
3.) Wash your hands often
4.) Use hand-sanitizing gels
5.) Clean hard surfaces with soap and water
6.) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
7.) Stay home if you’re sick
8.) Stay HEALTHY! Get regular checkups, eat well and exercise daily

*Based on information from the Hawaii Department of Health ( and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( **Compiled by the Hawaii State Legislature.

Makaha Bridge Work

We have received a few calls regarding the current bridge work as well as the lane closures that have occurred as a result. Foremost is the concern that the lane closures are 24 hrs even when no work is being done.

The State Department of Transportation stated that the length of the closure should be approx. 2 weeks long (not 1 year as some people may have heard from unnamed sources).

When asked why no one is guiding traffic in the area when no work is being done, we are told that budget cuts as well as a RELATIVELY light traffic flow in the area led to the decision to not have traffic guidance during non-roadwork hours. We are told that on the weekends when there is an increase in traffic due to beachgoers, they plan to have someone flagging/directing traffic to assist.

We hope that the 2 week window is all it takes to get the work done and things back to normal on that roadway. If you have additional concerns, please email me at

Yoga Classes

Geraldine “Louise” Tremblay

Take a few hours for yourself to take back your breath, release stress, lose weight and regenerate your body.

I have been practicing yoga for more than 25 years. I am certified in “Integrative Yoga Therapy” and have been teaching for several years. Join me at the Won Buddhist International Training Center, 84-551 Makaha Valley Rd, in Waianae.

Saturday: 8.30-9.30 am Donations to the Buddhist Temple
Monday: 7.00 -8.30 pm $10.00 drop in class or Five classes for $40.00 (ongoing classes)

`Ai Pohaku and Cross-Age Tutoring Yard Sale a Resounding Success!

Karen Young, Vince Kana`i Dodge, Heather Robertson, Carmen Enriques, and Summer Miles worked hard to make the `Ai Pohaku and Cross-Age Tutoring Yard Sale a Success!

The Sept. 19-20, 2009 yard sale to benefit the `Ai Pohaku Workshop and Cross-Age Tutoring Program was a huge success. Approximately $1400 was raised to benefit these very worthy programs, which work with students at Wai`anae Intermediate School.

Mahalo nui loa to the following people who volunteered and/or donated items to the yard sale:

Kiane Aila & Ohana
Earl Akama
Cathie Alana
Yvonne Angut & Ohana
Barbara Bradbury
Kermit Brown
Georgia Campbell
Alyce, Fred, & Vince Dodge
Jessica Ear & Friends
Mamo & Dennis Fortna
Luz & Anna Lovinavia
Christine Johnson
Ronie Low
Manny & Summer Miles
Miles Ohana
Malia Morales
Chico Rivera
Maile Shimabukuro
Dorothy Yamashige
Karen Young
Shelly Zamborelli

Wai`anae Intermediate School Volunteers/Donors:
Raechelle Fabrao – principal
Paul Cole – english teacher
Joe Demarco – english teacher
Carmen Enriques & Ohana – teacher
Terry Fuller – science teacher
Joanne Hee – health
Luanne Higuchi – media teacher
Mr. Rivers – math teacher
Heather Robertson & Ohana/Friends – teacher
Justin Szmotas – science teacher

All the Glenmonger Street neighborhood kids that came and spent their last dime. 🙂

All other volunteers, donors, customers, and supporters. Please send us names of others we need to add.

We could not have done it without you!!

Update Re: DOE’s Furlough Fridays – Boys & Girls Clubs to Kokua

From: Lisa DeLong, DOE Wai`anae District Superintendent
Subject: Furlough Fridays

Both the Nanakuli and Waianae Boys and Girls Clubs are offering programs [during the DOE’s furlough Fridays]. Here’s a description of the Nanakuli one, from the Nana’ikapono principal, Debra Knight.

In our partnership with BGC and Alu Like, we brainstormed a program where our partners will provide furlough Friday tutoring with field trips called the Brain Busters Program (7am-2pm). It’s $25.00 per session and the child has to be a member of BGC ($1 annual fee). We worked with Valley of the Rainbows to provide scholarship applications/opportunities. Mike plans to hire teachers from our school who he has worked with before for every 25 kids who sign up. It’s for age 7 and up. We have promoted this partner program with our students and parents (parent bulletin, a special informational meeting Tuesday night and a promo during our RAP night last night).

Background information regarding the Boys & Girls Club:

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii-Waianae Unit needs your help to raise donations for the 2009 IT JUST TAKES ONE Campaign that will go towards the programs and services that provide a positive place for children ages 7 – 17yrs. The organization provides services to more than 17,500 Hawaii youths each year, many from disadvantaged circumstances….their annual membership is $1.

Here’s the site where you can donate:

Your donation would really mean a lot in helping us achieve our goal of reaching and developing “our” Hawaii kids through key programs that emphasize character and leadership development such as education, technology and career development; health and life skills; the arts; and sports, fitness and recreation.

On behalf of the kids of the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii – MAHALO FOR YOUR KOKUA!

Lana Keamo
Clubhouse Director
Boys & Girls Club
of Hawaii-Waianae Unit
85-165 Plantation Rd.
Waianae, HI 96792
Ph: (808) 696-2754
Fax: (808) 696-7420

Fall 2009 Career Fair – Oct 20

UH Mānoa’s Career Development & Student Employment (CDSE) and Campus Center Board invite alumni to the Fall 2009 Career Fair on Tuesday, October 20, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., at the UH Mānoa Campus Center Ballroom. Network with potential employers from local, national, and multi-national organizations and bring extra copies of your résumé.

Click here for more information, including a list of participating employers. For questions or special accommodations, contact or (808) 956-7007.

Positions available with MA`O Organic Farms


MA’O Organic Farms ( has recently received a grant from Native Hawaiian Education Programs (NHEP) to hire two, in-school garden coordinators at Wai’anae High School and Wai’anae Intermediate School. Main duties would be to:

1. work to promote the use and productivity of our in-school, organic gardens
2. run after school garden programs
3. collaborate with DOE teachers to develop ag-science curricula integrated with the gardens

These are 3-year, full-time grant contract positions (starts December 2009). Compensation range is $42,750-$45,000/annually depending on experience. All benefits apply. Please help us spread the word. All inquiries can be sent to me.

Click HERE to see the WHS job description.

Click HERE to see the WIS job description.


Summer Miles
Director of Education
(office/fax) 696-5569

"Blue Tarp City" Movie About Wai’anae Coast; To Be Featured on 10/16 at HIFF!

Henry Mochida recently directed a movie featuring Wai`anae’s homeless crisis.

The movie will be shown at the HI International Film Festival on Friday, Oct. 16, 2009, 5:45 pm, at Dole Cannery. Interviews with Alice Greenwood, Lucy Gay, Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, Wil Hoover, and many homeless along the Wai`anae Coast are featured.

For more information, and for prices of DVD’s/screenings, visit:


The George Washington University Native American Political Leadership Program

— On Thu, 10/8/09, Denice Keliikoa wrote:

The Native American Political Program (NAPLP) is awarding an academic scholarship to spend a semester at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., beginning January 2010. NAPLP partners with Semester In Washington Politics (SIWP) allowing students to participate in hands-on internships and interact with political leaders and policymakers.

As a participant in NAPLP you will have the opportunity to:

** Spend a semester in the nation’s capital while taking classes at GW
** Participate in hands-on-internships
** Interact with political leaders and policy makers
** Receive academic credit for classroom study
** Study issues of importance to your communities

You will also learn key elements of political campaigns and governance such as: message development, voter targeting, media production, direct mail, fundraising, lobbying, and grassroots advocacy.

Who should attend: A select group of qualified undergraduate Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students will receive individual scholarships to cover tuition and fees for six academic credits toward applied American politics, on-campus housing, books, travel to and from Washington D.C., and a stipend for other expenses.

Deadline: Application deadline for spring 2010 is November 1, 2009.

Semester In Washington requires the following application pieces:
** NAPLP Admissions & Scholarship applications, available at
** One letter of recommendation
** Official transcripts of all college academic work
** Current resume
** Indication of tribal enrollment and/or Native American (American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian) ancestry

Interested students who are enrolled members of a Native community or possess proof of ancestry may apply online or download the application and mail the copies attached to:

SIW Admissions
The George Washington University
1922 F Street, NW, Room 401-A
Washington, DC 20052

For more information: Call NAPLP at (202) 994-8909 or toll-free at 1(800) 367-4776; You can also visit the website at:

Denice Keliikoa, CFRE President
Valley of Rainbows …Making Dreams Come True
PO Box 1009, Wai’anae, HI 96792
Phone: (808) 286-7869 Fax: (808) 696-3389
This is a great day to create, imagine, produce and visualize.

BWS to open Emergency Access Bridge on a trial basis

From: Moani Wright-Van Alst/BWS


I wanted to inform you that the Board of Water Supply (BWS) will be opening the Emergency Access Bridge at Nanakuli Avenue on a trial basis to see if it helps alleviate traffic on Farrington Highway when the construction project is fronting the Nanakuli bridge and stream. Opening the bridge would allow two open eastbound and one open westbound lane of traffic during the constructions hours, M-F, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. The contractor could open the bridge as early as next Tuesday, October 13.

Click HERE to view a letter with more information about this work, as well as a MAP showing the basic traffic patterns. Again this is being done on a trial basis so if opening the bridge does not help to alleviate traffic congestion, the BWS will close it.

Please feel free to share this information with others in the community.

If you have any questions about this work please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Moani Wright-Van Alst

Waianae Environmental Justice Working Group – Next Meeting October 16th

From: Kyle Kajihiro

Aloha Kakou

THe Next Wai’anae Environmental Justice Working Group meeting wll be on Friday, October 16, 2009 5 pm at the Leeward Community College Waianae office.

We’ll be discussing plans for another bus tour for the Hawaiian Civic Clubs and updates on various campaigns including the landfill, etc.

Please join us. Mahalo.



From: Desiree Hikuroa


• MARK’S SPECIALTIES – breakfast omelets, local fresh eggs by the tray, pasteles stew and more… *NEW ITEM – SHAVED ICE!!!
• KAHUMANA FARMS – selling organically grown produce, baked goods, and ONO Mango smoothies.
• AUNTY NANI’s – homemade shortbread cookies: Macadamia nut, Chocolate Chip, Cinammon and more…
• PILI POT’S – orchids and plants, baked goods, and organically grown produce from MA’O
• STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE – locally caught, fresh fish and poke
• MANA`AI – hand pounded poi and pa`i`ai
• NAKED DAIRY – homemade cheese and butter from local cows
• 808 SAUCES – Marinades and barbecue sauces and lunch right off the barbie! (BBQ)
• MP FARMS – all your produce needs – from Asian vegetables to tropical fruits
• LYME’S – smoked fish, pickled onion, dried tako and more!
• CHUCK HARVEY – ocean life photography by local artist

At its roots sustainable farming benefits the local community and local economy while supporting the environment by enriching the soil, protecting air and water quality, and minimizing energy consumption. Industrial food production is entirely dependent on fossil fuels, which, when refined and burned, create greenhouse gases that are significant contributors to climate change. The biggest part of fossil fuel use in industrial farming is not transporting food or fueling machinery; it’s chemicals. As much as forty percent of the energy used in the food system goes towards the production of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

By adding transportation, processing and packaging to the food system equation, the fossil fuel and energy use of our current food system puts tremendous stress on the environment. For example, between production and transportation, growing 10% more produce for local consumption in Hawaii would result in an annual savings ranging up to 300,000 gallons of fuel, and an annual reduction in CO2 emissions ranging from 6 – 8 million pounds!



Desiree Hikuroa

Desiree Hikuroa
Marketing Specialist & Program Manager

Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center
86-260 Farrington Highway
Waianae, HI 96792

Work: (808) 697-3516
Cell: (808) 388-7386
Fax: (808) 697-3500

Ka Wai Ola our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 27 @ 6:30 pm


Please click HERE to view the meeting notes from Ka Wai Ola Sept. 22 meeting. Included are the meeting notes, Land and Air issues PowerPoint presentation, and updated environmental issues and impacts table (for water, land and air issues).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 27 @ 6:30 pm. We will be ranking environmental issues based on their impacts on human health, the environment, society, and economics.

A Hui Hou
Leslie Kahihikolo, Project Director
Pacific American Foundation

Oahu SPCA’s “Howl-O-Ween” Open House

Saturday, October 31st
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Oahu SPCA – Kapolei, Oahu
Building 1142 on Roosevelt Ave.

Come on down for the Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Halloween Open House!

Tour the facility, learn about the organization and meet all of their adorable adoptables.

Vote for a winner in our first annual pet costume contest.

All families who attend will receive a dog or cat goody bag from Petco!

Aloha ‘Aina Youth Service Cadre Program – Deadline Extended to Nov. 3!


In response to Furlough Fridays, MA’O is running a program at its farm for intermediate and high school students called the Aloha ‘Aina Youth Service Cadre Program:

• We have 25 slots (20 for high schoolers).
• No cost to parents. $225 cash stipends for all successful intern participants. In Wai’anae. Starts Nov 6th. 8am-2:30pm.
• Activities will involve: farm work, leadership training including help with school work, cultural protocol training, lessons on community and health/food, adult & college mentors.

Click HERE for APPLICATION and HERE for FLYER. Applications DUE Nov. 3. Please help us to spread the word.


Summer Miles
Director of Education
(office/fax) 696-5569

Christmas Wreath/Door Charm Sale to benefit Pua A’ala Hone halau

From Carmen Rodrigues, a WHS alumni…

Hi Everyone,

I know Halloween isn’t here yet and I’m already talking about Christmas. Well it is right around the corner 🙂 and if you are thinking of decorations for the holidays, you are in luck. My halau Pua A’ala Hone, is doing a fundraiser in conjunction with Habilitat. The wreaths and door charms are beautiful, inexpensive, and add the wonderful Christmas tree smell to your home or office.

20″ Wreaths are $24.00
28″ Door Charms are $24.00

If you are interested, there are trees available as well:

Grand Fir 6-7 feet – $95.00
Noble Fir 6-7 feet – $95.00
Douglas Fir 6-7 feet – $65.00
Douglas Fir 4-5 feet – $55.00

Items are available for pick up on Saturday December 5, 2009 at the following distribution lots:
Central Middle School
Koko Head Elementary School
Mililani Waena Elementary School
Waimalu Elementary School
Kapolei High School

If you are unable to pick up your items, let me know and I will help make arrangements for delivery.

Please let me know if you are interested or know of anyone who may be interested as I will need to get your orders and money by Tuesday, 10/27


LCCW Newsletter for October

Aloha LCCW ‘Ohana,

Please CLICK HERE OR copy and paste the following link to check out the LCCW Newsletter for October!

– Welcome Genai U’ilani Keli’ikuli
– Workshops
– Student Activities

Leeward Community College at Wai`anae
86-088 Farrington Hwy. #201
Wai`anae, HI 96792
Phone: (808) 696-6378
Fax: (808) 696-4024