Playstation1 (PS1) & games on sale to benefit `Ai Pohaku Workshop

A vintage Playstation1 and over a dozen games are on sale to benefit `Ai Pohaku Workshop.

$60 or best offer. Call 478-6492 or 696-4677

City Wins Bid To Keep Landfill Open –

Click on the link below to view the video from KHON2.

City Wins Bid To Keep Landfill Open –

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Free Computers


Hawaiian Hope is a nonprofit organization that takes in used computer equipment (and other useful office furnishings), rebuilds them and then provides them to other nonprofits for free.

Unfortunately, Hawaiian Hope is about to lose their storage facility and must distribute hundreds of computers and associated equipment in the next 10 days.

If you need additional computer equipment or want to upgrade your current system, please contact Hawaiian Hope or visit their offices (see map above).

Following is a description of the computers and other equipment that are available. If you are interested, please act quickly.

Norm Baker
Vice President Community Building
Aloha United Way
200 N. Vineyard Blvd., Suite 700
Honolulu HI, 96817
Direct phone: 543-2202
Main phone: 536-1951
Fax: 543-2222

Hawaiian Hope needs to empty our temporary storage area by the end of the month, 10 Days. As we typically give computer systems and other hardware / furniture to nonprofit organizations, I would like to tell all, if they need computer equipment to please contact us immediately and arrange to come visit and pick up what they need, and as much as they need.

Here are SOME of the items available :
We have 600 computer monitors. CRT type. Adding a 2nd computer monitor to a computer is easy and gives you more room to work on the screen.

We have 400 keyboards, 400 power cords, 400 computers, hundreds of miscellaneous cords (printer cords, USB cables, network cables, etc) we have networking hardware. Switches, routers, punch down blocks. Printers, Scanners… headphones…. you name it we likely have it.

In addition to the computer hardware, we have the following furniture available :
40 identical – Single person work center desks (3 foot wide, 3 foot deep). 11 identical – Two (or 3) person work center desks (5 feet wide by 30 inches deep). Printer Stands, Folding Tables, Small Children wooden desk/table and other tables and desks.

Regarding the computers. Most computers are Pentium 4 style. 1GHz or faster. We take all computers donated, wipe them clean and then rebuild everything in them. This ensures that there are no viruses or spyware on them. We also install a list of industry standard software on them. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, typing tutor, anti virus, anti spyware, photo editing, etc.

We can also lock the computers down where if they are planned to be used for public access, that no matter what is done to them, they will automatically reset and wipe out changes made to them. This prevents spyware and viruses from infecting the computer, and prevents the need for daily maintenance and baby-sitting them.

Computers are only handed out in working order, so anyone that is interested in them, they can pick up all of the other hardware immediately (monitors, keyboards, etc) and we will put them on a list and get the computers to them as soon as they are rebuilt.

Our office / warehouse is located at 611 N. King street, see attached map. We will be offering pickup 7 days a week starting tomorrow, Saturday, the 19th. Pick up time is from 11 Am till 7 PM. It is best to call before you come down just in case – 352-8800

If the orgs would like us to build computer classrooms, training centers, or install everything for them, we can take care of that as well… although we will need to schedule it.