Sand Theft Issue

Dear Mr. Dexter Liu (City Parks Department):

I am writing to extend a heartfelt mahalo to Tom Lenchenko and his excellent City Roadside crew. This past weekend, the crew not only cleared the canal in preparation for the expected storm, but also responded to several neighbors’ concerns regarding theft of sand and 4- wheeling in the area.

I have attached a photo of the sand they cleared from the canal, and boulders they set up at the neighbors’ request. If there is any way to place boulders like this along the entire stretch of Pokai Bay street, we would be eternally grateful. People come and take sand from the beach on a daily basis, often by the truckload. Although we have repeatedly called the police, the wrong- doers are very difficult to catch since they move fast and often come in the middle of the night. Sand removal is a major environmental and safety concern, ie, loss of sand is causing rapid erosion, which will cause flooding and put the lives of residents at risk.

If government does not act fast to stop people from stealing sand across the state, we will be faced with major liability and lawsuit concerns in the near future. Mahalo for your consideration, and thanks again to your hard-working staff.

Rep. Maile Shimabukuro

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