UPDATE: Farrington Highway drainage, Vicinity of Lahilahi Road

Excerpts from the Response from Brennon Morioka, Director – Hawaii State Department of Transportation:

Dear Representative Shimabukuro:

In response to the requests from your constituents regarding clearing of the storm drain along Farrington Highway in the vicinity of Lahilahi Road, Work Order No. 30479 has been issued for this work [to be done].

[For further information on this issue,] call our complaint line at (808) 831-6714.
Very truly yours,

Director of Transportation

UPDATE: Camping permit shortages & concerns

Excerpts from Response of Lester Chang, Director of the C&C Dept of Parks & Recreation, to Maile’s email from the previous page re camping permit shortages and concerns:

Dated July 20, 2009

Dear Representative Shimabukuro:

Thank you for your [letter] regarding the issuance of camping permits on the Waianae Coast.

Due to the numerous requests for more campsites on the Waianae Coast, the Department of Parks and Recreation is currently looking into the possibility of adding more campsites to the existing parks where camping is allowed and to open new campsites at parks that are currently designated as picnic sites only.

A recommendation will be made to both the Waianae/Makaha and Nanakuli/Maili Neighborhood Boards to support the development of more campsites on the Waianae Coast.

City & County of Honolulu Department of Parks & Recreation