Caring for Wai`anae’s Streams: Mtg on May 26

The public is invited to the next Ka Wai Ola O Waianae Moku advisory committee meeting on May 26 at 6:30 pm in the Waianae Satellite City Hall multi-purpose room. For more information, please see the minutes below.

Ka Wai Ola O Wai’anae Moku Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2009


William Aila, Jr.

Melva Aila

Holly Cabacungan

Leslie Kahihikolo (Project Director)

Patty McDougall (Community Liaison)

Dana Newman

Letters of Agreement to participate on the advisory committee were received by:

William Aila, Jr.

Melva Aila

Bill Akiona

Holly Cabacungan

Laurie Lawrence (LCC Wai`anae Campus-letter of commitment to partner with project)

Dana Newman


Patty McDougall resigned as the project coordinator/community liaison as of April 30, for personal reasons.

Westside Stories Announcements/Articles

The following project-related ads/articles will be appearing in the May edition.

  • Multimedia production company to produce a video documentary on Ka Wai Ola.
  • Community Liaison- begin work June 1
  • Article – seeking community participation

EPA Press Release

Our EPA project officer, Debbie Liang, is working with Dean Higuchi (EPA Honolulu) to coordinate a press release regarding the receipt of the Ka Wai Ola cooperative agreement. Laura Yoshii (EPA Regional Administrator) would like to present an “oversized” check to the Waianae Coast community during a layover in Hawai`i.

  • Laura Yoshii will be passing through Hawai`i:
    • June 18 or 19
    • June 29 or 30
    • We will know her exact schedule in May.
  • The advisory committee agreed to the following location and agenda:
    • Location – Ulehawa Stream at Farrington Hwy – because of rubbish in stream and associated canals, represents the need for the Ka Wai Ola project.
    • 10 am start time – last no more than 1 hour.
    • Pule/Oli – ideas for who will do this?
    • Presentation by Laura Yoshii (5 minutes) – Dana Newman to speak with friend about kapa gift for Laura.
    • Presentation by Herb Lee from Pacific American Foundation (5 minutes)
    • Presentation by kupuna (5 minutes) – need ideas?
    • Presentation by teacher and students (5 minutes) – Leslie suggested Kaiawe Makanani (Nānākuli 9th grade science teacher) and a couple of his students. Mr. Makanani is interested in partnering with Ka Wai Ola to give his students hands-on experience with a real-world project. Open to other ideas.
    • Focus of community presentations – why the Ka Wai Ola project is important. “I fish here, I swim here, these keiki are the reason we need the project.”
    • Photos with the BIG check
  • Incorporate culture and history of area, i.e. Akua Maui. It was suggested to contact Jonathon Moniz at Nanikapono Museum for information and students.
  • The media (TV, newspaper, etc.) will be invited to attend.
  • Leslie will share information with EPA on conference call on May 5.

Stream Walks

  • LCC Waianae Campus – Darwin Bohnet, summer environmental studies class will coordinate and conduct stream walks. Leslie meeting with Darwin on April 29 to discuss logistics.
  • Vernon Keliikipi will assist with on-ground coordination
  • Goal is to conduct a visual assessment to view human impacts to streams
  • Open to the community, Saturday mornings in June – dates to be published in Westside Stories (due May 10).

Collection of Existing Water Quality Data

  • Ongoing effort by Chaminade University
  • Report due end of June


The advisory committee expressed their interest in the following training opportunities:

  • Department of Health – Bruce Tsutsui
    • State Response Program – Risk/hazard communication

  • EPA Brownfields Contractor
    • Conduct Phase I assessments along four streams, which will provide a snapshot of historical uses in the area and pinpoint potential environmental issues. This will be a paper search; no site visits to private properties.
    • Leslie to discuss with EPA and their contractor in the near future.

  • EPA CARE grant assistance

o EPA project officer, Debbie Liang, will submit a proposal for the Ka Wai Ola project to receive contract assistance. The contract can only be used for items not in the project work plan. This will help with building capacity and increasing networking opportunities for the community.

o The advisory committee asked for assistance in interpreting water quality data collected by Chaminade University. The contractor could be used to review and explain the water quality and chemical data at workshops. This will assist the committee with assessing and prioritizing data for the action plan.

o The contractor may also be used to assist with identifying best management practices to address water quality issues.

  • Other trainings
    • The advisory committee also asked for a training from the EPA enforcement/compliance office.
    • Also, conducting risk assessments.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Leslie Kahihikolo

Project Director

Pacific American Foundation, Ka Wai Ola O Wai’anae Moku Project

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