Legislative Update from Maile

2009 Bill List … Representative Maile Shimabukuro

This year, I have introduced several bills of concern to constituents and community groups. During this Session, I am Vice-Chair of the Hawaiian Affairs Committee. Also, to meet our district’s many needs, I serve as a member of the Health, Human Services, Education, & Higher Education Committees. In response to a request from Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, I have submitted proposals to federally fund several Wai’anae Coast projects. I support these bills:


. HB 991 HD2 SD1 sets up loan repayment program for UH Medical School graduates and other graduates with training in Hawaii-based medical programs in rural areas.

. HCR 89 (SCR 52) requests Ho’okako’o Corporation to report on progress of pilot projects in conversion charter schools (one of which is Wai’anae’s Kamaile Academy.)

. SB 496 SD2 clarifies functions, duties and roles of Charter School Review Panel in the administration & operation of schools; improves fiscal & budgetary accountability

. SB 1096 SD2 HD1 appropriates funds for science-, technology-, engineering-, and math-related programs and k-12 creative media education programs

. SB 1250 SD1 HD1 clarifies that no teacher may be employed as an emergency hire for more than three consecutive years; certain unlicensed teachers may be employed on an emergency basis for no more than four consecutive years

. SB 1679 SD2 HD1 appropriates moneys from the emergency & budget reserve fund (“Rainy Day Fund”) to maintain programs for education, human services and health


. HB 895 HD2 SD2 increases tobacco tax and deposits unspecified % of proceeds into Community Health Centers Special Fund & Tobacco Prevention & Control Trust Fund

. HB 1378 HD2 SD1 requires insurers to recognize advanced practice registered nurses as participating providers and allow recognition as primary care providers

. HB 1504 HD1 SD1 creates Hawaii Health Authority to plan universal health care

. SB 585 SD2 HD1 authorizes remote dispensing pharmacies to provide medications to patients with health insurance coverage and dispense controlled substances

. SB 940 SD1 HD1 requires insurance entities providing state Medicaid services to contract with a minimum of 50% of providers in their coverage areas

. SB 1140 SD2 HD3 requires all health plans to pay federally qualified health centers no less than their prospective payment system rates, and critical access hospitals to pay no less than a certain % of costs for all services provided to plan beneficiaries

. HCR 223 requests a comparative financial & management audit of DOH Mental Health Centers and Wai’anae’s Hale Na’au Pono community mental health center


. HB 1186 HD1(Act 18) eliminates Hawaii Community Development Authority’s cash-in-lieu option for meeting affordable housing requirements

. Congressional appropriations for Fiscal Year 2010, as submitted by Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, include potential funding for two Wai’anae Coast projects: $100,000 each for Habitat for Humanity’s Kaukamana Hale 25-home Self-Help Building Project and Maili Self-Help Housing

Human Services

. HB 1098 HD2 SD2 puts 24-month limit on general assistance to households without minor dependents; converts general assistance to an entitlement program

. HB 1064 HD1 SD2 makes an emergency appropriation to address budget shortfall for general assistance payments in April, May, June of 2009

. HB 1525HD1SD1 requires DHS to award Medicaid contracts to nonprofit entities only

. HB 1642 HD1 SD1 allows only licensed providers to submit proposals for purchases of health and human services and for exact amount to be expended by State

. SB 108 increases max. term of temporary guardianship of minor from 6 to 12 months

. SB 190 SD1 requires DHS to allow two private-pay clients to live together in a community care foster family home if clients share relationship—e.g., husband/wife

. SB 1344 HD1 eliminates positive enrollment for QUEST & QExA recipients; requires insurance entities providing Medicaid services to enter into written contracts with at least 50% of hospitals & providers in their coverage areas

Energy & Environment

. HB 1271 HD3 SD1establishes food security special fund & a task force to address energy & food security needs; revises per-barrel petroleum product tax

. HB 1273 HD1 SD1/SB 1338 SD2 HD2 allows use of clotheslines on single-family homes & townhouses

. HB 1464 HD3 SD1 encourages renewable energy use, efficiency and development

. SB 266 SD2 HD2 establishes climate change task force to assess impacts of global warming and climate change trends in Hawaii


. HCR 171 requests auditor to study feasibility of removing amateur boxing from jurisdiction of State Boxing Commission


. HB 1665 HD1 SD2 prohibits sale of public lands on which Hawaiian fishponds are located

. SB 1677 SD1 requires two-thirds vote of Legislature to sell or exchange ceded lands

Public Safety

. HB 1040 HD1 SD1 makes permanent the law shielding county lifeguards from liability

. HB 1713 HD2 SD1 allows Civil Defense, when no emergency exists, to enter private property to clean streams & waterways and carry out other preventive measures

. HB 1776 HD1 SD1 helps enforce law prohibiting inmates in correctional facilities from receiving state public assistance


. HB 983 HD1 SD2 requires DOT to provide federal Safe Routes to School funds for projects to reduce vehicular travel and congestion and encourage walking and cycling

. HB 1422 HD1 allows counties to remove abandoned vehicles from private roads

. HB 200 HD1 SD1 (Budget) includes $7.5 mil for construction along Farrington Hwy for congestion relief and safety improvements between Honokai Hale and Hakimo Rd.

. SB 718 SD1 requires state & county transportation departments to reasonably accommodate access & mobility for all users of roads & highways; sets up task force

. SB 1202 SD2 HD2 establishes development of non-fossil fuel transportation as state policy goal; requires parking space & development of electric vehicle infrastructure

. SB 1611 SD2 HD2 authorizes DOT to pursue 6-yr modernization program and implements plan through increase of various taxes; potential projects listed include Makaha bridges and Leeward bikepath


. HB 1436 HD1 SD1amends permitted agricultural district uses to include agricultural education programs conducted on a farming operation

. HB1663 HD1 SD1 prohibits testing/growing of genetically modified (GMO) taro

. HCR 222 & HR 191 requests the Dept of Agr to prioritize state-owned Important Ag Lands to maximize use for critically needed agricultural & dairy production


. HB 984 HD3 implements recommendations of Hawaii Broadband Task force by implementing the Hawaii Communications Commission

Consumer Protection

. HCR 221 requests DCCA, Board of Veterinary Examiners and Humane Society to implement comprehensive pet protection program for dogs & cats


. HB 333 HD2 SD2 creates state earned income tax credit funded with TANF funds

. HB 895 HD2 SD2 CD1 increases tax on wholesale price of tobacco products other than cigarettes and deposits a percentage into the Community Health Centers Special Fund

. SB 1248 SD1 HD1 extends tax credits for agricultural producers and manufacturers participating in enterprise zone program


. SB 896 SD1,HD1 clarifies that positions in Hawaii National Guard sponsored adult educational programs are exempt from civil service requirements


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