Emergency Room, LCC-Waianae Bldg., Keawaula Updates & Support Needed

Here are updates on the Budget:

Emergency Room (ER)
Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) needs $332,000 added to their ER budget, bringing the total funding to $1.8m, or they may be forced to close during certain hours.

Leeward Community College-Waianae (LCCW)
Maile got $3m into the first draft of the budget to purchase and construct a new building for LCCW. These funds are not in the current draft, and need to be restored.

Keawaula Bay, aka “Yokohama” Lifeguards
There was some concern earlier when funds for lifeguards at the beach were cut from the Budget. The good news is that $500,000+ was later put back in by the Senate in its version of the budget, HB 200 HD1 SD1. Mahalo to Senate President Colleen Hanabusa for helping to fight for this.

Your Help Is Needed
Both the House and Senate continue to work on the final version of the Budget (HB200). Maile suggests that you urge the Legislature to support the funding listed above. Here are people to contact:

Chairs of the two money committees–Rep. Marcus Oshiro, Chair of the House Finance Committee (586-6200; fax: 586-6201; repmoshiro@capitol.hawaii.gov) and Senator Donna Kim (587-7200; fax:587-7205; senkim@capitol.hawaii.gov ), Chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee

Senate President Hanabusa (586-7793; fax: 586-7797; senhanabusa@capitol.hawaii.gov)

Speaker Calvin Say (586-6100; fax: 586-6101; repsay@capitol.hawaii.gov)

All Representatives / Senators can be emailed at:

Please make your voice known within the next two weeks, as the Legislative session ends on May 7.

If you have any questions, email maileshimabukuro@yahoo.com or call 586-8460. Mahalo!


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