Save the Libraries!!!

Please view the following compelling 2 minute Olelo Television video by Faith Arakawa, Waianae Library Branch Manager to help save our Hawaiian Libraries.

Save our Hawaiian Libraries

Your assistance to help save the libraries is very much appreciated by the people in Hawaii and especially by those on the Oahu Leeward Coast.


Don Hutton

To support the Libraries, urge legislators to keep the State Libraries’ cut at the current 10% or less, which is in the current draft of the Budget (HB 200 HD 1). You may want to email these key legislators:

Senate President Colleen Hanabusa –

Ways and Means Chair Donna Mercado Kim –

Speaker Calvin Say –

Finance Chair Marcus Oshiro

Women of Waianae (WOW) Yard Sale This Weekend: Donations Needed

WOW is having a Yard Sale this coming weekend, and we are looking for donations. Our scholarship announcement is coming out soon and applications are available. All profits from this Yard Sale will go toward the scholarship(s). The more money we have, the more people we can award.

What: WOW Yard Sale
When: Sat & Sun, April 4 & 5, 8am-2pm
Where: 86-024 Glennonger St. (corner of Pokai Bay & Glennonger St.’s)
Why: Fundraiser for scholarships for non-traditional Waianae Coast students
Need: donations of gently used items, eg, furniture, appliances, jewelry, cd’s, DVD’s, artwork, toys, or anything else that we can sell at the yard sale

Donations can be dropped off at 86-024 Glenmonger St., or call 696-4677 to arrange for pick up.

Donations are tax-deductible.

Karen Young, WOW President

Police on the beat at Nanaikeola Senior Apartments

Aloha Maile…

The beat officers in Nanakuli have been made aware of the newly opened Nanaikeola Senior home and will be making more frequent patrols of the area. Also, I have instructed Officer Tony Pacheco of my Community Policing Team to contact the management of the facility and possibly initiate a Neighborhood Security Watch for the area.

Major Michael K.S. Moses
Regional Patrol Bureau
District 8 (Ewa-Kapolei-Waianae)

Proposed Light Industrial Park by Tropic Land

The proposed Light Industrial Park map and info is now available. Just click here to view it.

Spring Break at Waianae Library!

The Waianae Library has many activities planned for Spring Break. Be sure to stop on by.

The Waianae Library is having a Spring Intersession Reading Contest for students in Kindergraden through 6th grade.
Also back by popular demand, Musubi Man, a play for children ages 2-5.
To view more information about either of these events, click here.

On Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28, the Waianae Library will be having a book sale. Not just books, but also DVD’s, CD’s, and videotapes! Click here to view the full flyer.

To view and print the Library Membership Application, click here.

Oahu Taro Festival!

When: Tuesday, March 24. 10am- 4pm
Where: Hawaii State Capitol

There will be many Taro education booths, music, art, games, food and cultural demonstrations.
Don’t miss this family roots celebration!

To get more information and view the flyer, click here.

Donations Sought for MA’O Youth Conference

Hawai‘i’s dependence on far-flung sources for the vast majority of our sustenance, coupled with the uncertain future of our agricultural lands and exacerbated by the current global economic and climate crises, demands our immediate collective attention. Driven by the urgent need to strengthen Hawai‘i’s food sovereignty, we – a group of young people from the local food movement – have come together to organize the fourth annual Hands Turned to the Soil Conference. This year’s theme – ‘Āina Ho‘ōla o Mā‘ilikūkahi – calls for the people of Hawai‘i to follow the example of O‘ahu’s first great king and to ho‘ōla (restore) our ‘āina (land) in order to feed our people and to restore our communities.

This 200 person conference will focus on building a youth movement around food sovereignty, while simultaneously strengthening the adult support structure for that movement, and disseminating and discussing ideas and actions that can substantively impact food sovereignty in Hawai‘i. The conference will inspire youth delegates and adult participants to take immediate and sustained individual and collective action that contributes to creating a vibrant, robust local food economy. We expect that participants will push for policy change, raise awareness among the general public, and become agents of change in their families, communities, schools and workplaces. The conference will be held June 11-13, 2009 in Kahana Valley. Please visit for more information.

Sponsorships and monetary donations are critical to this conference’s viability. We ask for your kōkua. Please see the attached budget. If you are interested in making a donation towards this event, please contact Summer Shimabukuro at 696-5569 or via e-mail at

Mahalo Nui Loa,

‘Āina Ho‘ōla o Mā‘ilikūkahi Planning Committee:

Bryna Storch, KAHEA
Claire Sullivan, Whole Foods Market
Hi‘ilei Kawelo, Paepae ‘O He‘eia
Kalani Flores, Napua No‘eau
Kapela Collins, MA‘O Organic Farms
Keli‘i Kotubetey, Paepae ‘O He‘eia
Sean Congdon, Slow Food
Summer Shimabukuro, MA‘O Organic Farms

Ho’omalu O Na Kamali’i

Ho’omalu O Na Kamali’i is having an opening and blessing on Saturday, March 29, 2009.
This opening is by invatation only, however donations are accepted from everyone!

To get more info on the event or on how to donate click here.

Ceded Land Sales and Transfers Appeal by Lingle Administration

In light of the Lingle Administration’s appeal to the US Supreme Court to allow the sale and transfer of ceded lands, Maile requested this attached document from DLNR, which lists ceded land sales and transfers from 1998 to the present.

Maile is also trying to obtain the list of the approximately 2200 ceded land sales and transfers prior to 1998, which was submitted as an exhibit to the Supreme Court by the Attorney General’s Office.

At this time, SB 1085 and SB 1677 continue to move through the Legislature.

Waianae Farmers Market is Moving

The Waianae Farmers’ Market is relocating to Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) on Saturday, May 2, 2009. The market, currently held at the Makaha Resort, will hold its last market there THIS SATURDAY. The Waianae Farmers’ Market will be CLOSED ALL OF APRIL and REOPEN AT THE HEALTH CENTER ON SATURDAY, MAY 2nd, and will be open EVERY SATURDAY thereafter. Its new hours will be from 8:30 a.m. – 12 noon. Please help pass on this information to all of your family and friends. Click on the link below for more information or to leave feedback about the new move.

For more info call Desiree at (808) 697-3599

Asa Yamashita; A Family Members Plea

Below is an email from Joni Kamiya, Asa Yamashita’s cousin.

Dear Representatives,

I am writing to you in regards to the recent murder of my cousin, Asa Yamashita. She was a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and loved one to our family and her death was a senseless act of violence. I feel that she is yet another headline in the news of senseless violence that plagues Hawaii because of a failure in the systems we have in place that is supposed to keep its citizens safe.

I a hoping that through this incident with its subsequent investigation, something will change so that no other family and community has to experience a loss such as this. There has been too many stories like this in the news lately. The Koko Head crater attacks, the Adam Mau-Goffredo murders, the death of Cyrus Belt under the hands of Matthew Higa, the Sanchez-Brown murder, Karen Ertell murder, as well as Janel Tupuola, are all deaths that should not have happened but did because of a system failure.

When laws are passed to establish punishment, it needs to be carried out accordingly. When a criminal is given a life sentence, it should mean never leaving prison, ever. The parole board should not be granting parole to someone with a life sentence. Judges who let people off lightly should also be held accountable for these criminals also. We should not be letting out a multiple offender out of jail at all. How many times does someone need to commit a crime before they really stay in jail? Do we know where these criminals go after they are released and is the community alerted? I realized that they have protections but we as law abiding citizens should have the right to know also. These people are dangerous to society but are let out only to commit more crimes against more innocent victims causing more pain and suffering to families.

We have also seen a breakdown in the mental health system here also. Too many times, these criminals are known to be at risk to others and themselves yet they are still allowed to roam freely among the public. Matthew Higa was known to be mentally ill yet there was no supervision of his psychiatric status while out in the community. It is well known that a lot of mentally ill patients are not compliant with medications and will become psychotic without it. It becomes a revolving door of them getting treatment then going back out in the community then back again to the psych unit because of noncompliance. I would not be surprised if the alleged perpetrator in Asa’s death had some issue with mental illness at some point in his life and was in state care. Also, families of these criminals know that this person may be a danger to others yet where is the support for them to get help? The people closest to these criminals have no where to turn when it comes to getting treatment and maintenance of their loved one with mental illness and neither does the community.

I also would not be surprised that Asa’s killer may have been on drugs too. We can’t blame drugs for his actions completely. Someone somewhere knew that he may have had issues with it, and likely had no where to turn to get him help or didn’t even bother to address it.

The easy approach that could be taken from this whole incident is look at the fact that this perpetrator was able to buy and knife and use it and maybe we need to have permits to buy knives. Or in the other cases, we have to have more gun control, or enforce restraining orders, etc. There is a much bigger issue that I challenge all of you with as our lawmakers. The challenge is to not make more laws to try and prevent crimes but overhaul and rework our systems in place to avoid these kinds of tragedies from happening again. The system is disjointed and does not work!

When a deranged person gets a knife in his or her hand and takes a life away, our governmental and societal systems have failed each and everyone of us. We all have failed to save an innocent victim’s life. So I am writing to you to help in retooling our systems so we don’t have to see another headline in the news. Two young children, a husband, her father, and her sisters as well as the community all have lost their loved one. I urge you to look beyond making laws to stop this unnecessary loss from happening again and fix the systems that should have stopped this in the first place.

Joni Kamiya

Space Foundation Accepting Applications for Lucy Enos Memorial Scholarship for Hawaiian Teachers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (March 16, 2009) — The Space Foundation is now accepting applications for the Lucy Enos Memorial Scholarship. The Enos scholarship provides professional development opportunities for educators of Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian ancestry, or who work with pre-K – 12 students of Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian ancestry. It covers tuition, fees, travel expenses, and lodging for the recipient to travel to Colorado Springs and participate in one of the Space Foundation’s week-long Space Discovery Institute courses.

The Space Discovery Institute offers six separate 2009 graduate-level courses:

· Biological and Physical Research: International Space Station Science & Space Law
(June15 – 19)
· Astronomy Principles for the Classroom: Exploring our Universe/The Search for Life (June 22 – 26)
· Space Technologies in the Classroom: Nanotechnology and Space Spinoffs (July 6 – 10)
· Earth Systems Science: Planetary Geology (July 13 -17)
· Lunar/Mars Exploration and Base Construction (July 13 -17)
· Rocketry: Space History (July 20 -24)

These interactive, hands-on courses provide educators with experience, knowledge, and content that is immediately transferable to the classroom. Participating educators may elect to receive continuing education or graduate academic credit for the course, and graduate credit may be applied toward one of several master’s degrees offered through the Space Foundation’s partner universities.

The Enos scholarship was established in 2005 and is awarded annually. Space Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer Elliot Holokauahi Pulham and his wife Cynthia A. Pulham of Colorado Springs fund the scholarship, which honors the memory of Elliot’s grandmother, Lucy Enos, who was born in Pahala, Hawaii, in 1898. Enos’ father was a Scottish immigrant and her mother, Keali’iholokahiki, a native Hawaiian. Lucy married Henry Enos and together they raised a son, a daughter, and three adopted children while successfully homesteading a sugar plantation in Pahala and a cattle ranch on lands in Kioloka’a and Kamaoa. Enos died in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1976.

Scholarship applicants should become familiar with Space Foundation teacher training and Space Discovery Institute programs by visiting the Foundation’s Web site at

Interested teachers should apply by submitting a letter, not exceeding two pages, and detailing the motivation for applying, interest in space themes in the classroom, what the applicant hopes to gain from the experience, which of the six Space Discovery Institute courses he/she would like to attend, and how the knowledge gained will be applied in the classroom. The application letter must be endorsed with a letter of support by a principal or other supervisor.

Applications must be received no later than April 17, 2009, and should be addressed to:

Iain Probert, vice president, education
Space Foundation
310 S. 14th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

The recipient will be notified in early May.

About the Space FoundationFounded in 1983, the Space Foundation is an international nonprofit organization advancing space-related endeavors to inspire, enable, and propel humanity. A leader in space awareness activities, major industry events, and educational enterprises that bring space into the classroom, the Space Foundation is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo. It conducts research and analysis and government affairs activities from its Washington, D.C., office and has field representatives in Houston, Texas, and Cape Canaveral, Fla. The Space Foundation, along with partnering organizations, sponsors three major events each year, the 25th National Space Symposium March 30 – April 2, 2009, in Colorado Springs, Space Business Forum: New York on June 4, 2009, in New York, N.Y., and an event with the United States Strategic Command next fall in Omaha, Neb. For more information, visit

Natural Building Workshop

Ma’o Organic Farms, Waianae is hosting a Natural Building event. Learn how to construct things with using only what nature has provided. This is for novices and professional builders alike.

The workshops begin on April 4 and end on May 24.

To view the flyer and find out more information click here.

For additional info contact or visit

Some Answers Regarding Drainage in Lahilahi Steam

3/12/09 email from City employee Collins Lam:

Subject: RE: Question re: Drainage in Lahilahi steam
Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009, 10:26 AM

Rep. Shimabukuro:

Our Engineer, Mr. Dennis Toyama, called. . .and explained that the City went out to the site and it appears that the problem may be overflow from Farrington Highway. . .Mr. Toyama also informed. . .that the City is currently undertaking a study that looks at the Lahilahi drain outlet and what measure could be done to prevent sand/coral blockage of the pipe. The City presently has a temporary grating on the outlet that [Dept. of Facilities Maintenance] DFM has mentioned that it is working fine. The City’s study will evaluate permanent fix. The City has written a letter to the State and we are waiting for a response. . .

QExA Town Meeting #2

Medicaid QUEST Expanded Access (QExA) Patients and Family Welcome!

Where: Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) Dining Pavilion

When: March 17, 2009 – Tuesday – 6:30pm

*Help plan the action steps to address health care for our patients

*Share your experienes with the QExA Health Plans

*Hear updates on the QExA program for WCCHC patients


The Medicaid QUEST Expanded Access (QExA) program went into effect February 1, 2009. The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) was one of three community health centers that have not signed on to a QExA plan contract. The Health Center, currently operating as an out-of-network provider, has yet to determine its continued participation in the program after April. Waianae and Waimanalo Health Centers are the medical home for more than 3,000 QUEST Expanded patients. At the February town meeting, community members considered options in response to what was voiced as dissatisfaction with the QUEST Expanded Access Program. At the March 17th meeting the community will receive an update on State Legislation, a request to DHS to change the terms by which out-of-network providers can function, and current and potential litigation. More than 150 community members are expected to participate and actively advise Center officials. The meeting will be taped and shown on Olelo.

— light snacks provided–

For more information call: 697 – 3457

Waianae Lions Charter Night

Your browser may not support display of this image.You Cordially Invited to our

56th Year Charter Night.

Date: Friday April 24, 2009

Time: 5:00 pm till 10:30 pm

Where: Herbert K. Pililaau Army West Camp

(Waianae West Camp)

Cost: $30.00

MC: PID Lion Mel Nakamura

Ono food, Movie (Legacy of the Hawaii Lions), Door Prizes and Fellowship.

R.S.V.P By: March 27, 2009

To RSVP email:

1st VP: Lion David Lopes Jr.

Paiolu Kaiaulu Craft Fair!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009
9:00AM to 1:00PM
at Pai’olu Kaiaulu (Waianae Civic Center homeless emergency shelter) 85-638 Farrington Hwy.

(Across from the Waianae Fire Station)

Crafts, snacks and refreshments avaible.

2009 Directory of State, County and Federal officials

The new 2009 Directory has been released. Click here to view it.

Pfizer Has the Answers to Your Questions

Pfizer Helpful Answers offers patient assistance programs to people without prescription coverage.

Need assistance? Pfizer has the answers.

Click here to learn more about patient prescription assistance programs that Pfizer offers.

Launch of!

From: Ignacio Fleishour
Subject: World Surf Engine

Aloha Friends and Family,

We are finally launching the website. . .we are here with a product that we believe will best serve our users.

At this time it is essential that we get the support of friends and family to spread the word about our website, as we go out and begin seeking venture capital to support our marketing efforts. Our goal is to improve the site through the beta stage over the next six month period with the input of our esteemed colleagues, friends and family.

We sincerely ask that you contribute to our goals by either and/or signing up for an account on our social network and inviting other friends and family to join in our efforts. If you run a business please feel free to sign up for listing your business and or adding a logo link. Business listings are free, and Logo links to your websites are $20 a month with a 10% discount if you sign up for a year.

At this time the first 10 customers (per category button) to sign up for a logo listing will be free of charge for a year. Please feel free to browse through the website (click into the Hawaii section on the map). Tell us about your user experience and send us any feedback you may have and someone will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Ignacio Fleishour
World Surf Engine LLC

[Note from Maile: Ignacio Fleishour is Maile’s friend and former Makaha housemate.]