Elder health plan sees criticism

Wai’anae center explains why it’s not among the providers:


Highlights from Kamaile Academy

*Kamaile Academy students are making great strides to improve their test scores and are working towards meeting and exceeding standards. Of all charter schools in the state of Hawaii, Kamaile Academy has the highest number of highly qualified teachers.

*Intercession classes are available for all students and families, and tutoring programs are running in full force before and after school.

*Please contact Pua Gomes, our PCNC,at 636- 9662 for information about activities. All parents are encouraged to gather together to unify our school vision and plans to increase student achievement. Parents are now meeting in the Cafeteria every Monday at 5:30 PM.

*Kamaile Academy was recently recognized by Project Hiilani for Positive Behavior Support as having started a highly successful behavior program. Teachers, parents and volunteers have established clear behavior expectations and are enforcing them positively.

*Kamaile Academy students visited historic Honolulu over the January Intercession. Twenty-three children and 14 parents woke up extra early for this special field trip downtown. Principal Mr. DeLude and CEEO Mr. Kila, planned an experience that Kamaile families would never forget. The group took the boat into town, went to the top of Aloha Tower, walked around Chinatown, Visited I’olani Palace and ate lunch while enjoying the Royal Hawaiian Band.

*Kamaile Academy has a new recycle bin to serve both the school and the community. The recycle binis for all paper/boxes and type 1 and 2 plastics. Kamaile Academy students are learning about recycling and how it can help our school, enviroment and community. Most classrooms now have boxes to gather the recyclable materials. As theboxes fill up, the items are then taken to the recycle bin. Many classes are integrating their recycle campaigns with math and science lessons. The recycle bin is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Common items that can be recycled are newspapers, white paper, cardboard, detergent bottles, and cans. Please tell all of your friends and neighborsabout Kamaile’s new recycle bin.

*Rap Nights – We had over 300 participants for our first session on January 20th. Be sure to join us for the next session. Read Aloud America focuses on the enjoyment of reading in hopes to create families of lifetime readers. At RAP sessions, volunteers read aloud to children while the RAP presenter reads and talks story with adults.
February 3rd
February 17th
March 3rd
March 17th
April 14th
5:30- 7:45 PM

*Kamaile Leaders came together at an all day leadership retreat on January 24th. The retreat was conducted by Chief Educational and Executive Officer, Glen Kila and Principal Clarence Delude. Local Advisory Panel (LAP) Members, Grade Level Chairs, Parents, Students and Administrators came together to steer our school to success. In total, over thirty leaders from the school worked on making decisions that will benefit our children and community. As a result of the retreat, parents have began meeting Monday evenings to develop action plans to increase parent involvement and student achievement. The Leadership Retreat will continue after school on February 12th, March 12th, and April 9th. LAP Meetings will follow the retreat.

Free State-wide Tax Preparation Sites

Thanks to certified volunteers working at tax assistance sites across the State, you can have your federal and state tax returns prepared for free. The following is a list of locations in the Leeward side where free tax preparation is available:


Waianae Community Outreach*
87-132 Farrington Hwy.
Tues. & Thurs., 9am-3pm
Call (808) 696-5667

Leeward Community College
96-045 Ala Ike Street
Bus. Admin. Bldg. – Rm. BE-229
Sat., 9am-Noon
Walk-ins ONLY

Hickam FCU – Kapolei Branch*
590 Farrington Hwy., Ste. 501
Tues. & Thurs., 10am-3pm
Call (808) 432-9848

Hope Shelter/Onelauena
Bldg. 50, Belleau Woods
Tues & Thurs 9am-3pm
Call Jamye (808) 682-4673

Wahiawa Public Library
820 California Avenue
Wed., 9am-1pm
Thurs., Noon-4pm
Fri., 9am-1pm

*Appointment Required