Maile’s 2009 Bills to Date & Stream Clean Up Day

Please “save the date” for the weekend of February 6 & 7 for tentative “Laulima” stream clean-up efforts in Waianae and the North Shore. The Laulima clean-up’s are being spear-headed by State Civil Defense, and will involve volunteer, government, and private sector efforts to clear our streams to prevent flooding. The whole community needs to come together to kokua to make our streams clean and safe. Please stay tuned for further details.

With the Legislature officially open for business as of January 21, I want to give my Wai’anae Coast constituents some idea of what to expect from this new legislative session. During this session, I will serve as Vice-Chair of the Hawaiian Affairs Committee. To deal with our district’s diverse concerns, I will have input as a member of four other committees: Health, Human Services, Education, and Higher Education. Along with a bill to establish an annual Barack Obama Holiday, I have also introduced the following measures:

. make public housing affordable in perpetuity
. provide funds to repair and renovate public housing
. expedite the process for approving affordable housing projects

. legislation to help Wai’anae Comprehensive Community Health Center’s efforts
to continue serving our community with improved services and facilities
. ban smoking on public beaches and recreational areas during community events
. disallow Medicaid coverage for non-therapeutic infant circumcision

. my Capital Improvements Bill (CIP) requests funds for all 6 of our schools to
provide air conditioning, expand existing buildings, and begin new construction
. CIP funds to acquire land and a building for Leeward Community College-Wai’anae

. ban use of styrofoam containers by food vendors
. require retailers to use environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags
. allow clotheslines in public housing and in private single-family homes
. authorize government agencies to enter streams and waterways on private
property during times of emergency

. moratorium on the sale of ceded lands
. funds for navigation programs at Waianae Coast high schools using E Ala canoe

. Included in my CIP bill is $7 million for construction of turn lanes at the
intersections of Nanakuli and Haleakala Avenues on Farrington Highway
. bill to exempt veterans from paying the vehicle weight tax

Happy Valentine’s Day! Call 586-8460 if you have any concerns.

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