Mandatory Solar Water Heating Bill Becomes Law (and Proud Daughter Maile)

From: Katherine Kamada
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 8:48 AM
Cc: Rep. Maile Shimabukuro et al.
Subject: Thank you for your support of Act 204

Honorable Governor Lingle,

Thank you for signing into law Act 204, which will mandate solar water heaters for new homes built after 2010. Hawaii will not regret moving in this direction as I have seen solar water panels throughout most homes in Japan during my travel in 1969. We are definitely behind in the area of renewable energies but will lead the nation if we continue to support mandates like Act 204.

I watched on television a panel of speakers including the legislator from Kauai (I forget her name), Jeff Mikulina, Karen Young (has photovoltaic panels hooked to batteries which generates electricity to her home and is almost off the HEI grid) and two other gentlemen. It was a paid program which I just happened upon while channel surfing. It was so gratifying to hear these individuals speak of what has been done and the possibilities of renewable energies for Hawaii . The legislator from Kauai said that Hawaii could become the Saudi Arabia of renewable energies. Every time I fill my gas tank (we live in Waianae) I wonder how much longer I will be able to afford filling my tank and doing errands or fulfilling doctor appointments outside of Waianae.

Thank you, Governor Lingle! Imua , Hawaii !

Dennis and Katherine Kamada

Note from Maile: Aloha Ms. Kamada — Thank you for this excellent email and for cc:-ing me. Nice of you to recognize my mother, Karen Young — she’ll be happy that someone watched the show. The Kauai legislator is Mina Morita by the way. Take care and aloha, Maile Shimabukuro

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