Legislature Legalizes Indigenous Hawaiian Architecture Statewide

In 2006 and 2007 the State Legislature passed measures that allow residential use of Indigenous Hawaiian Architecture Structures. See: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2007/bills/SB1917_cd1_.htm

I have attached Maui County’s existing Indigenous Architecture building code (click here). At this point, the housing officials from all other counties are required to adopt similar building codes.

Click on the image to view Maui’s indigenous architecture code.

FYI, the housing officials from each county are:

Housing Offices – Statewide

1) County of Hawaii
Office of Housing and Community Development
phone: 961-8379fax: 961-8685
Edwin Taira
2) County of Maui Housing & Human Concerns
phone: 270-7805fax: 270-7165
Vanessa Medeiros
3) County of Kauai County Housing Agency
phone: 241-4444
Kenneth Rainhforth
4) City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting
phone: 768-8000
Henry Eng, Director

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